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This was the sixth annual memorial hunt and picnic to
honor Jim Warnke who passed away in 2004 at the age of
80 years young. Jim joined the GCTC shortly after the
club was formed in 1973 and served in every office. The
longest position he held was as newsletter editor. He was
renowned in the treasure world for the many interesting
books and magazine articles he wrote about treasure
hunting, especially his passion for hunting Florida ghost
towns and abandoned home sites.

On March 21, twenty-eight club members gathered
at Jupiter Beach for a planted hunt of American Coins
followed by prizes and a picnic. Nikolay Malchev used
the free entry that he won at the Holiday Party.
Linda Bennett, Gary McNew, Jim Sharp and Bob
Dobski planted a total of 1,384 American coins and 24
tokens. The field was divided in half with Linda and Jim
planting one half and Gary and Bob planting the other. In
the interest of fairness, during the first 15 minutes of the
hunt, the four could not hunt in the field they had planted.
The breakdown of American coins was as follows:
 Silver Dimes: 160
 Wheat Pennies: 380
 Indian Head Pennies: 89
 V Nickels: 50
 Buffalo Nickels: 41
 Jefferson Nickels (Pre 1959): 515
 Clad Half Dollar: 2
 Clad Dollar Coins: 123
Top five hunters:
Gary Spiroch: 102 coins
Gary McNew: 96 coins
Linda Bennett: 87 coins
Mindy Spiroch: 84 coins
Irving Smith: 82 coins
Some members found jewelry during the hunt that had
not been planted. Lydia Cook found a beautiful Eastern
Star Pin:

Kathy Ayon and Jim Sharp both found single – but not
matching – earrings.

Prizes were awarded to members who had found tokens
and also to the two members who found the lowest
number of coins.
Silver Dollar: Lydia Cook
Silver Dollar: Jan Smirnow
Silver Dollar: Nikolay Malchev
Silver Dollar: Lydia Cook
Silver Half Dollar: Gary Spiroch
Silver Half Dollar: Linda Bennett
Silver Half Dollar: Nikolay Malchev
Silver Quarter: Kathy Ayon
Silver Quarter: Willie Ray
Silver Quarter: Ed Weston
Silver Quarter: Kathy Ayon
Silver Quarter: Phil Hujar
Silver Quarter: Jan Smirnow
Silver Quarter: Les Batts
Silver Quarter: Willie Ray
Silver Quarter: Bob Smirnow
Roman Coin: Tessa Durand
Roman Coin: Bob Dobski
Roman Coin: Jerry Laur
Roman Coin: Steve Hamedl
Roman Coin: Gary Spiroch
Roman Coin: Judi Ray
Roman Coin: Bob Smirnow
Roman Coin: Jan Smirnow
Roman Coin: Ed D’Amato
Roman Coin: Jerry Laur


Special thanks to Steve Hoskins for taking the pictures,
Gary McNew for cooking the hot dogs, and Linda
Bennett for organizing the event.