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Jan Smirnow, Ed D’Amato and CSI Detective

Bright and early on Sunday, November 7th, eleven
fellow metal detectorists and I helped in a crime
investigation. It seems that a murder occurred in November
of 2007, but it was not until early March of this year that
evidence was found to re-open the cold case. The Palm
Beach Gardens CSI team sought out the GCTC in hopes of
retrieving more evidence. We were asked to detect a 10
acre wooded area where one metal box had already been
found with human remains welded into the box. The CSI
team hoped that we could find the other three or four boxes.

Just two of the many cadaver dogs there that day

Those of us who volunteered that day were told to just
"flag" targets and the CSI and Law Enforcement Personal
would have the cadaver dogs and handlers do the rest. We
believe we did "flag" some prospective and suspicious
targets that were later sniffed by multiple dogs, resulting in
some positive “alerts” by the dogs. Those areas were later
dug up. We were not told at the end if any of the targets we
identified produced additional evidence. I believe it was a
great experience for all who participated, as it would be
wonderful if our hobby did in fact help in their
investigation. I'd like to believe it did.

Mindy Spiroch

Mindy Spiroch, President

Ed D’Amato

Gail Hoskins


Ed D’Amato, Mindy Spiroch and Stacey deLucia

We thank Dawn Watkins and Cheryl Stripling from the
Palm Beach Gardens Police Department for these photos