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“Just a Swinging”
Ok, I have talked a lot about where to hunt, so here
is a tip on how to hunt. Has this ever happened to you?
You get up very early, drive down to your favorite
beach just as the sun is coming up. You grab your gear,
walk onto the beach, only to find another detectorist is
already there. What do you do? I will go ahead and go
onto the beach and will watch the way they swing their
coil. Within a few swings, I’ll know if I want to leave
or stay and continue to hunt, based solely on how they
I know this has been talked about a lot, but it is one
of the most important lessons that can increase, or
decrease, your finds. Your coil should be level with
the ground and just high enough to prevent dragging it.
Make your swing as far as you can reach from side to
side. Most people will set the length of the shaft so that
the coil is placed just in front of them. Try extending
your shaft out as far as it will go. This will give you
even more reach on your sides. Your swing should be
so natural that you will swing properly, even when you
are not paying attention. If you develop your swing
like this, then your eyes will be free to look around you
in places that are out of range of your coil.
So how can you improve your swing? Try this:
When your favorite TV show is on, get your detector,
stand in the middle of the room and practice your
swing. When a commercial comes on, look at where
your coil is. Is it level? Is it close to the floor? Are you
swinging as far as you can reach to the left and right?
If not, make the corrections. Soon it will become such
a habit that you will swing properly without even
thinking of it. Your detector will become a natural
extension of your arm.
So grab your machine, get to your favorite beach,
and if someone is already there, watch them. If they are
swinging their coil with high, short arcs, like I have
seen so many people do, then I guarantee you, they are
leaving more then they are finding. So, go ahead and
hunt. But most of all have fun.
Pick up your copy of “The Treasure Hunter’s
Handbook…Your Roadmap to Success” by Andy
Sabisch. For each book purchased by a club member
through http://www.SabischBooks.com, $5.00 will be
donated to the Gold Coast Treasure Club! When you
order, enter our club’s name in the field under “Name
or Inscription to Add.” It’s that simple! This book is
packed with great info for the treasure hunter. Why not
order several for the hunters on your gift list?

Burial of cache and the clues are provided by Irving
Smith. If found by a club member, that person will receive a
$25 prize AND earn the right to bury the next cache! Good
luck everyone! Start digging! Please fill all holes!



Corrections and/or suggestions
are welcomed by the newsletter editor

Take Southern off Rte 95.
It will be about 2 miles+ when you arrive.
Search to the west
and hope for the best.
Rhyme Time:
The signal it gave me was very fickle
So I capped off with a nickel
After checking the new signal several times
I swapped the nickel for two dimes.
5 large live Oaks
Line the trail
If you have high expectations
You might not fail.
If you really want a thrill
Swing the thing
On the morning
Side of the hill
A red headed sprinkler
Marks a spot
Go 12’2” north west and
Probe a lot
A shady area will help
You rest
After you pass this final
Item buried is a small vitamin container 2 3/4" long and
1 1/2 " in diameter. It is placed in a Ziploc® bag.