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Good Will Ambassadors Performing

Random Acts of Kindness

The GCTC recognizes members who provide selfless
service to our community. The first time a member returns
an item, that individual receives a metal detecting pin
(handcrafted by Steve Hoskins) to wear on his or her hat,
in addition to a certificate of appreciation. Future returns
are recognized by additional certificates. Kudos to all club
members who go out of their way to return items to their
rightful owners. The actions of each of our “Ambassadors
of Good Will” enhance the public’s perception of our
hobby! Way to go, gang!

Returns Recognized at January Meeting:
Paul Hamlin: (3) a silver necklace, sunglasses, and a
14 Kt white gold wedding band.
Gary McNew: (2) a professional makeup brush and
a gold ring with a Sapphire (see story in column two).
Tom Lieberman: (1) a diamond earring, which took
three trips, two detectors, a few hours, and a lot of
moved chairs to locate.
Returns Recognized at February Meeting:

Gary Spiroch: House Keys; Jim Sharp: Platinum Ring;
Paul Hamlin: Silver Ring; Gary McNew: Cell Phone


The ring that I found Saturday was returned to its owner
Posted Nov 24, 2009

Here's the story…
I was out hunting one of my favorite beaches on Saturday. This time
of year all the easy targets are gone, so I was working a section of the
beach with a loose dune to surf grid, to see if I could find a pay line.
After a couple of hours of this, the targets were coming very scattered,
with no definite line at all, so I just continued with the grid. As I was
going along I got a solid hit with a VDI of 29 on my DFX, which is
exactly the same as a pull tab. But when I shook the sand from my
scoop I was surprised to see this large men’s ring with a pretty star
sapphire. I placed it in my pouch and continued with my hunt.
A little further down the beach was a Life Guard stand. As I was
working in front of the stand the Life Guard stopped me and asked me
if I was looking for the ring that had been lost the day before. I told him
that I had not heard of anyone losing a ring. He then told me that there
was a young lady there yesterday that had lost a wedding ring that she
wore on a chain around her neck. I told him that if he had any contact
information or more details of where the ring was lost, that I would be
glad to try and find it for her. He said that he would have to contact
Headquarters to get the information and he would let me know.
So, the day went on and I returned to see the Life Guard about
three hours later. He said that he had talked to Headquarters, but the
person there did not know anything about the ring. So I gave him my
name and number and told him that if anyone found her info to give her
my number.
On Sunday the life Guard called me and told me that they had found
her contact information and he had called her and gave her my
number. I got home from work on Monday and had a message, it was
her. So I called her back, she answered, and I told her who I was and
that I heard that she had lost a ring. She started to describe the ring
and at first my heart sank, she was describing the Men’s ring that I had
found on Saturday. I really loved that ring, it even fit me perfectly. But,
as the story goes, this was a ring that her Dad wore. He had passed
away about six years ago and she said that this ring was the only thing
that she had left from her Dad.
I then told her that I had her ring, I heard her gasp, and then she
started to cry. She could not believe that I had the ring and that I was
willing to return it to her, she thought it was gone forever. So she came
to my apartment to get the ring, I asked her if I could get a picture of
her and if it was ok to post it here, she said that was fine.
So, here is the picture, and, yes, I did get a big hug from her.

“Salvaging Spanish Sunken Treasure”
Bob “Frogfoot” Weller Summer Seminars
Don’t we all dream of finding sunken treasure? Your
dream can come true, with a little help from the experts.
Margaret “Lady Gold-Diver” Weller is honoring the
legacy of her husband, the late Bob “Frogfoot” Weller,
by continuing to offer his Sunken Treasure Seminars.
Divers, scientists, beach hunters, historians and other
professionals will serve as lecturers, as in years past.
Treasure diving seminars slated to run in late May and
early June will fill up fast, so interested parties will want
to secure their reservations soon.
For more information, call Margaret at Crossed
Anchors Salvage, 561-588-2903, e-mail her at
bobfrogfoot@comcast.net, or check out the website at:


We thank Jan Smirnow for maintaining and keeping
our Membership Directory up-to-date. You will find the
most recent edition of our directory in this newsletter.
Remember, our directory is for the exclusive use of club
members and should not be shared or used to solicit
members for any reason. Please help us ensure accuracy
by notifying Jan by e-mail (Smirnow@comcast.net) if
you have any changes or corrections to your listing.