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President Mindy Spiroch welcomed members and
guests to the April 8th meeting, including John and Elise
Doyno of Wellington, who joined during the meeting.
Welcome to the entire Doyno family!
Jim Sharp, with an assist by Nick Mosca, presented a
great program: “How to sell your gold and not get ripped
off.” Club members learned many important pointers,
such as, sometimes it’s better to sell your gold jewelry as
just that – gold jewelry – NOT as scrap. Depending on the
item, you could get much more money for it that way. If
you’re not sure what your piece is worth, have it
appraised! When selling scrap gold, be sure to separate it
by category (e.g. 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, etc.). Before you head
out to sell your gold, it’s vital that you understand the
difference between DWT and TROY ounces, weigh it, and
know the price of gold for the day you are selling so you
don’t get ripped off. Expect the buyer to take 10 to 20
percent of the value when you sell, as they are in business
to make a profit. Members were given ideas of where they
could sell their scrap gold. Some favorite buyers
mentioned by club members who sell their finds include
fellow member Nick Mosca, Rechant’s Precious Metals at
the corner of Forest Hill and Congress, and Midwest
Refineries. Handouts were passed around that listed these
and other options for those who wish to sell. Additional
information listed on the sheets included a variety of
useful websites and various jewelry markings. If you
missed your copies, ask Jim or Nick at the next meeting.
Stacey deLucia encouraged members to send her
pictures and info about any returns they’ve made, relevant
websites they enjoy, or treasure hunting articles that
members may find of interest. As space allows, your ideas
may be published in a future edition of the Tinfoil Times.
Stacey also encouraged everyone to continue to bring in
prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, which the club
donates to the Lion’s Club. Jan Smirnow mentioned that
she is still collecting cell phones and ink cartridges.
Mindy thanked Marilyn and Irving Smith for
providing refreshments and Stacey deLucia for bringing
the Mystery Item. Stacey stumped everyone for the second
month in a row, this time with a small toy skate.

“And the Winners Are…”
Leather Belt Hook and Plastic Digger – Nick Mosca
Metal Scoop – Mindy Spiroch
Columbia Brand Hat – Bob Dobski
Book: “Coin Hunting in Depth” written by Dick Stout &
Kellyco Towel – Tessa Durand
Cap Light – Bob Dobski
Silver Quarter – Tessa Durand
Estée Lauder Perfume – Ed Morin
Starbucks Espresso – Gary McNew
LOK-A-BOLT Deadbolt Door Guard – Gary McNew
Jar with GCTC Patch – Gary McNew
Basket, Towel, Pot Holder & Cloth – Karen Larson
Coffee Coupon good for 1 lb – Linda Bennett
Coffee Coupons (2) good for 1 lb each – Gary McNew
Yellow Scoop – Irving Smith

Thank you to the following generous donors:
Linda Bennett: Leather Belt Hook & Plastic Digger;
Nikolay Malchev: Metal Scoop; Paul Hamlin: Cap
Light; Nick Mosca: Perfume & Starbucks Espresso;
Bob Smirnow: Columbia Brand Hat; Jim Sharp: Jar with
GCTC Patch; Cheryl Petenbrink: Basket with Kitchen
Towel, Pot Holder & Wash Cloth; Gary Spiroch: Three
free ($9 value) coffee coupons; Irving Smith: Yellow
Scoop; Domenic Mucciacciaro: LOK-A-BOLT

Deadbolt Door Guard - http://www.lokabolt.com/.

April birthday celebrant Karen Larson received a
birthday dollar at the meeting. Happy Birthday, Karen!

Ed Morin won the 50/50 drawing during the April
meeting, earning him an easy $44! Congratulations, Ed!

As of April:
DOLLAR AMOUNT: $1,005.64
GOLD: 48

Gail Hoskins is getting stronger every day, following
surgery. We hope to see her soon at a GCTC meeting!

Trent Bowen (5/8)
Lydia Cook (5/1)
Barbara Dobski (5/13)
Dixie Gamble (5/15)
Mark Laur (5/22)
John Lobota (5/14)
Maryanne Lubinski (5/31)
Elayne N. Lynch (5/8)
Ed Morin (5/17)
Allen S. Schwartz (5/21)
Nancy Stephens (5/27)
Kazhie Zabriskie (5/27)