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Seven club members and four invited guests from the
TCAS club (Mitch King, Skip Wagner, Richard and
Toni Hart) spent Sunday, April 11, metal detecting and
collecting trash as a service project for the Gulf Stream
Boy Scout Council. One brave soul from GCTC, Gary
McNew, hunted the swimming hole, unfortunately
without much success. Members searched for a recently
lost watch and camera, also without success.
Old coins were scarce, but a few were coaxed out of
the ground. Three people found Wheaties: Karen Larson
(1954); Irving Smith (1955); and Eddie D’Amato
(1944). Mitch King of TCAS led the pack in clad coins
found, with Irving Smith following close behind. No
jewelry was found, but Boy Scout items were found by
Irving Smith (4); Mitch King (3); Linda Bennett (2);
Karen Larson (1); and Toni Hart (1). Three of the Boy
Scout items that Irving Smith found were brand new, so
he gave them to the Camp Ranger for future use. Also
returned to the Ranger for future use were tent stakes that
were still in good condition. (Boy Scouts aren’t the only
ones who do good deeds!)
With the Gulf Stream Boy Scout Council in financial
straits and laying off employees in the past few weeks, the
GCTC offered to pay a day fee that is normally waived for
our service project.

Karen Larson and Gary McNew

Real or not?

Tessa Durand, Eddie D’Amato, Karen Larson, Irving Smith

Our club, along with the South Florida Treasure Club,
continues to collect foreign coins to donate towards a
summer camp for handicapped children. This is a year round project that brings joy to children as they learn
how to detect, despite their challenges. If you have coins
to donate, please see Linda Bennett, who will make
sure your donation goes to the right place. YOU can be
a hero to a child in need! Thanks to Jim Smith for his
donation of foreign coins.

“For some 13 to 14 years now we have annually
helped many handicapped children learn the pastime of
metal detecting for treasure. Even with their problems, we
can show them how they can still have an outdoor hobby
they can do and enjoy. This year's dates are: June 9th &
10th, 2010, Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 8:00
AM. On the 8th a number of us will arrive to install new
batteries and set up tables, etc. to get ready for the 200
kids we'll work with for the next two days.
Before I go any further, let me say this: ‘Everyone is
Invited to Come and Help Us.’ If you can only help one
day, that is great, too. The Lion’s Camp for Handicapped
Children in Kerrville, TX really enjoys us donating our
time and knowledge to these kids and one look at the faces
of these kids and you know they are extremely happy to
see us as well. Not only will the kids learn how to enjoy
metal detecting for treasures, but they will discover that
there is an outdoor hobby they can enjoy even if they are
in a wheelchair, deaf or blind. These children are our
future and their learning the hobby could someday change
it for us all.
Lastly, we need helpers/workers and we 'need Foreign
Coins’ to hide for the kids. This has become an activity for
all campers who visit the camp each year, thus the very
reason why we also teach all the counselors as we are
teaching the kids, so they can continue the activity with
the foreign coins we leave with them and the dozen
detectors that were donated to the camp. Each child will
go home with a handful of foreign coins they found with
the use of a metal detector. Please help this activity for
these kids stay alive by donating your foreign coins, or
you can buy them by the pound at coins shops fairly
If you need any more information or wish to donate
foreign coins, please contact me.
Thank you very much, Keith Wills”
Keith Wills
1495 FM 49
Gilmer, TX. 75644

Just some of the trash recovered

If you care about the future of our hobby,
check out: www.wwats.org.