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Helpful Hints and Interesting Tidbits from
The Tinfoil Times Archives

From May 2007:

From March 2007:

Don’t Offer to Locate
Property Line Survey Stakes
Tip from http://metaldetectivesusa.com


Doing so can create problems for you that you do
not want. As innocent as it may appear on the surface, it

In the 1890's, the Raulersons became the first settlers
along Taylor Creek. This area was called "The Bend" by
its first occupants. It was not until 1902 that the first Post
Office was established there and named after a
schoolteacher of the community "Tantie Post Office."
During these first few years, more and more families
began to settle in this area. As Tantie grew with
businesses and a soon to come railroad, the name Tantie
was deemed inappropriate. So on October 4, 1911, the
Post Office at Tantie was officially changed to
Okeechobee, named after the Indian name for the lake.
A detailed history with pictures can be found here:

Okeechobee resides only 60 miles away from West Palm
Beach. I believe it to be an overlooked area for coin
shooting and relic hunting. For now, there are many empty
lots in and around the old section of town. Even the old
ranches are still available for searching. This won't last for
long; with the current growth those sites will soon be fast
food restaurants, businesses, or new home developments.
The conditions for metal detecting in Okeechobee are
similar to what West Palm Beach was 20 years ago. With
a little research, determination and coil swinging some of
those older silver coins and relics can still be found in
Okeechobee, which are now rarely found in our area.

Also from March 2007:
The pennyweight was the weight of a silver penny in
medieval England. When pennies were introduced in
England in the 8th century, their original weight is
believed to have been 24 grains. This was gradually
reduced in at least thirteen stages until it reached 7.27
grains by 1816. According to one knowledgeable source,
the pennyweight was introduced by Henry III in 1266 as
the weight of 32 grains of wheat. We believe this may
simply have been clarifying and codifying an existing
24 grains = 1 pennyweight
20 pennyweights = 1 ounce troy
240 pennyweights = 1 pound troy
It is no coincidence that there were 240 pennies to the
English pound, and 240 silver pennies were equivalent to
a pound of silver, or that the word sterling applies both to
the English pound and to a standard purity of silver. So
those of you that think it means the weight of an American
penny, this should set you right. Hope it helps.
Scooper1 Miami Beach, FL.USA (thetreasuredepot.com)

may be considered by some as surveying without a
license. All states require surveyors to register and pass
strict tests before they can obtain their license. If you are
asked to locate a survey stake or survey monument you
should refer the person to a licensed professional

From July 2008:
Here is one of the very best websites for beach reports.
It’s called Magic Seaweed. It gives you the tides and,
more importantly, the swells’ height, direction and
duration between each swell, wind direction and speeds,
plus temperature:

From October 2009:
During the club hunt, a discussion ensued about tokens.
Jim Sharp shared the information that earlier tokens
produced by Chuck E Cheese are worth up to $1,000!
Chuck E Cheese Pizza Time Theaters had their own
Video Arcade game tokens made. Possession of the right
tokens could earn the owner big bucks! In addition to
being dated, a few locations had limited numbers of their
video arcade game tokens minted with their town names
on them. This occurred from 1978-1983. There are over
60 different dated town name tokens and varieties!
Some websites to check out are:

Websites about collecting tokens:

Experience + Research = Success