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Coin Cache was found by Stacey deLucia and she
received her award of $25.
15 spots are left for the raffle of Magnetic Flashing
Safety Flashlight and First Aid Kit.
Thanks to Ed D’Amato for the delicious refreshments.
Radina Malchev provided the Mystery Prize Stumper
for April – Paul Hamlin had one – A Dog Tag.
50/50 Drawing $41 in singles was won by Jim Sharp
– you gotta play to win!
Our program for the evening was provided by the
membership – the topic – “How I got started in Metal
Detecting” . President McNew started off the stories with
his own. Gary told of his Air Force days and how he
purchased a White’s 4100 for $10! “Hunted in Europe –
never found any Roman Coins! “
John Presslein – “Back in the 40’s after a rain storm
we would go across the street from our home to the park –
Mom always collected the coins dropped without a metal
detector. I purchased a machine for $40 for the kids and
we only found seventy-five cents so I decided to buy a
White’s coin shooter 6000 for $400.
Paul Hamlin- “Waiting for my son who was in band
practice, I watched someone beeping along, he had found
a handful of stuff. So my interest was peaked and I started
looking in the newspaper in Cleveland, I found one to buy
– I still have my first gold ring.
Ed D’Amato – “1994 found some pictures of the New
Rochelle Playland Park in New York. The location of the
Lemonade stand was three feet off the Boardwalk – lots of
Frank Nash – “Pauline was given a Bounty Hunter
detector by her grandmother when she was ten years old.
She actually found a diamond ring with it! So I got into
the hobby!”
Mindy Spiroch – “My uncle got me interested, I used
to screen the sand at the 35th Street Arcade bringing home
about $130 and a Star Safire Ring, which my cousin still
has to this day!”
Stacey deLucia – “I got into metal detecting in 1983
with my husband at the time. We bought a Radio Shack
machine for $140 and tried it out, it did not find anything
so I gave it up. Then my brother in Virginia Beach got
into it big time sending me pictures of diamond rings and
unbelievable things he had found! Then I got really
Jason Petenbrink- “Bought a White’s detector at a
flea market and gave it to Mom. Jerry Felton (former
member) told us about the club and we joined".
Ed Mitchell – “Metal detecting since 1959 when I met
Jim Warnke. In 1970 he found 450 coins off a wreck in
Boca Raton”
Jack Saint – “Two to three years ago – I have always
been fascinated by the hobby – decided to buy a machine
and just look in my own backyard, I knew there was
money there!”

“And the Winners Are…”
Nick Mosca - Kellyco Hat
Frank Nash - Umbrella
Kathy Marro - Storage Container
Elayne Lynch - USB storage case
Gary McNew - All weather wallet; Folding cup
Kathy Marro - 100 plastic 3x5 2 mill bags
Elayne Lynch - Post – It Notes
Amy Hamedl – Estee Lauder Mascara
Paul & Marge Hamlin - Estee Lauder Rouge
Pete Schneider – Minelab Cup with Goodie
Elayne Lynch – Screwdriver set
Thanks to Jim Sharp, Al Schwartz, Nick Mosca, Jan
Smirnow, Frank Nash and Elayne Lynch for their
donations of doorprizes.

Donations Are Always Appreciated!

April birthday celebrants Bob Konnagon and Phil
Marro each received a dollar coin during the meeting.
Happy Birthday, friends!

Sharon Bouyoucas (5/18)
Trent Bowen (5/8)
Barbara Dobski (5/13)
Dixie Gamble (5/15)
Mark Laur (5/22)

John Lobota (5/14)
Maryanne Lubinski (5/31)
Elayne Lynch (5/8)
Ed Morin (5/17)
Allen Schwartz (5/21)
Nancy Stephens (5/27)
Karen Sweeney (5/3)
Cindy Van Deventer (5/2)
If your birthday is not listed, and it should be, or
if it is listed incorrectly, please contact club secretary
Jan Smirnow with corrections.
The following members are on the mend - Marilyn
Batts, Trent Bowen, and Cheryl Petenbrink