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Steve Hamedl, Jason Petenbrink ,Cheryl Petenbrink
Best Gold With Stone
Jason Petenbrink

Best Gold
Cheryl Petenbrink

No Picture

No Picture

Masonic Ring with Diamond
Best Silver
Jason Petenbrink

Gold Band
Most Unusual
Steve Hamedl

No Picture

Tiffany Ring
Best Costume
Steve Hamedl


Spiderman Token
Best Coin
Steve Hamedl

10 Cent Irish Coin

Second Place
Gold with Stone - 10 K Band/ Diamonds - Steve Hamedl
Gold - 14 K Ring - Steve Hamedl
Silver - Silver Heart with Diamonds - Steve Hamedl
Unusual - Penny split in two - Steve Hamedl
Costume - Colored Ring - Cheryl Petenbrink
Coin - Canadian Quarter - April Sovich

Our Annual Ice Cream Social was attended by 21 members
on August 11. I noticed fellow members were having a
really good time experimenting with ice cream floats held in
Brothers Thermal cups (donated by former members Mindy
and Gary Spiroch); and several were making interesting
combinations of sundaes! We had two different kinds of
chocolate syrup, caramel and strawberry and peanut butter
A Big Thank You to Cheryl Petenbrink, Jim and Ingrid
Orlando, Linda Bennett and Gail and Steve Hoskins; without
their assistance we just could have not made it!
Birthday dollars were given to Betty Laur and Steve Hoskins.
Our Silver Bar raffle was started but there is still plenty of
space for our next meeting.
Treasurer’s report was given as plus $1400.
Jason Petenbrink told of a recent encounter with a bull
shark at Lake Worth. Steve Hamedl spoke of a somewhat
scary situation at a local beach. While he was in the water
detecting, he noticed several people on the beach pointing at
a large dark mass in the water near him. He snorkeled over
(rather brave or just too curious?) and discovered five
manatees huddled together!!! Never has he seen five at one
time huddled at a public beach! He informed the crowd and
asked that they not touch them!
A new thing in the meetings is a signup sheet to indicate
attendance. There is so much going on in the club, that we
lose touch with those not attending. Hopefully the members
that are not attending the meetings will get in touch with one
of the officers and let us know what is going on with them.
The signup sheet will enable us to get in touch with those not
in attendance.
Glenford Smith bought in an interesting object, a
chocolate pod! Very few members had ever seen one. The
seeds in the pod are ground to produce cocoa. According to
Glenford the seeds are sweet to suck. Glenford’s tree
produced only 5 pods this year, it is a fairly young tree and
he is looking forward to bumper crop in the future.
The members were asked to talk about what they had
done so far this summer. Most replied that they were not
doing metal detecting, as it was just too hot! Jim and Ingrid
Orlando went camping with their two children in inland
Florida and are helping one of their children move. Carl
Basilico said just dancing including the Tango! April Sovich
and Patricia Kachadrian just basically hanging out watching
movies and the list goes on! Betty and Jerry Laur, Steve and
Gail Hoskins and Linda Bennett have all been traveling. Not
much metal detecting but lots going on!
Three guests attended our meeting: they were Michael
McFaul of Seattle, Washington and Michelle Durnil of Coral
Springs along with a former member Randy Selnick.
Gary McNew finally found the time to return to the club!
It seems that his wife Heather had a severe break in her collar
bone area. He was proud to show his ten day marathon
hunting results! Ask him at our next meeting I am sure he
will share his pictures.
The 50/50 Raffle netted $32 to the lucky winner--me!
Submitted by Jan Smirnow, Secretary