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Author: Greg Williams

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Overcoming Digestive Health Problems Naturally
Congratulations on signing up for this free report.
When someone suffers with digestive health problems (such as IBS, Diverticulitis, Crohn’s and
Ulcerative Colitis), the frequent urgent bowel movements, bloating, pain, urgency and fatigue can
often control their life to a huge extent.
Work, social life, career and intimate relationships can all suffer.
Unfortunately, rarely is sufficient help given, which is why I wanted to create this report together
that explains some of the most common underlying issues and how to address them.
Doing so can drastically reduce symptoms and allow someone to once again live a long, happy,
confident, symptom free life on their own terms, not one controlled by their digestive health.

Who Am I?
Before we get into it, I should just quickly first tell you a bit about myself….
I specialise in helping people who suffer with digestive health problems (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis,
IBS and diverticulitis) to naturally turn their health and symptoms around.
I live in Billericay, Essex (but help people all over the world) and initially
started out as a nutritionist, working with people helping them to lose
fat and build muscle. I came to specialise in digestive health after
meeting my wife...

My Wife’s Story
I’ve been happily married for several years and my wife, Donna, has
Ulcerative Colitis (a form of inflammatory bowel disease).
Donna suffered with constant fatigue, pain, bloating and urgent bowel movements. Sometimes she
was on the toilet 15-20 times a day.
Doctors had told her pretty much nothing could be done other than trying to manage things with
drugs. However, I didn’t accept that.
Things changed for my wife after a really bad case of shingles which the doctor just told her she had
got because of the immune system supressing drugs she was on.
At that point, we decided enough was enough and decided to take action and build her health the
RIGHT way.
It took plenty of trial and error, and diet changes were needed (even though she wasn’t eating a bad
diet at all) but eventually she started to feel a HUGE amount better. The frequent bowel
movements went away, the pain went away and she had so much more energy! Even her skin and
hair condition improved dramatically.

www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

The Parasite
However, then things suddenly took a turn for the worse…
To cut a very long story short we eventually identified that she had picked up a type of parasite
(which is a type of bug that was living inside her).
Now this might sound unusual but since helping hundreds of people who are suffering with their gut
health (IBS, IBD, Diverticulitis) I’ve come to realise that parasites, bacterial infections and Candida
problems are very common and causing people a huge amount of digestive problems.
There are a huge number of different types of parasite (and bad bacteria) that can be picked up
anywhere. They generally get into someone’s body through food and water, or even passed from
another human or animal.
Bugs like this can be identified with a very straightforward stool sample test (done at home) that
basically helps someone to more accurately pinpoint the potential root cause of their problems (thus
saving a lot of time and suffering).
Over time, once we killed the parasite and
Donna’s health improved, the doctor even
allowed her to reduce (and eventually
eliminate) her medication. They couldn’t
understand how she was improving so much
but told her that whatever it was, she should
carry on doing it!
There were plenty of bumps along the way
but we have achieved what many doctors
would tell you isn’t possible, and she now lives
life on her own terms, not dictated by her

Getting to the Root
Since helping my wife to turn her health around, in the past few years I have come to be recognised
as one of the leading specialists in digestive health, and have helped hundreds of IBD, IBS and
Diverticulitis sufferers to beat their symptoms and get their lives back.
One of the major things that separates my approach from that of a doctor is that I’m interested in
helping someone get to the bottom of their problems, as opposed to masking them or brushing
them off as not being all that serious.
There are many factors that can be playing a part, but in general the 3 main things to be looking at

Diet is a massive caused of digestive problems.
It’s definitely not always easy to know foods that can be causing symptoms, as sometimes it can feel
like the symptoms are always there.
www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

And sometimes it can feel like one day eating a certain food is absolutely fine, and the next day it
causes a world of problems.
I get that, but there are ways of working out what the problem foods are (without having to do a
highly inaccurate blood test).
Over time, I normally manage to get most people to a place where they are able to eat most foods in
moderation without it causing them symptoms. But to get to that place, some short-term diet
changes are needed, combined with the 2 other factors below…

Secondly, stress undoubtedly plays a part.
When someone is stressed, they likely don’t chew their food properly, their body doesn’t digest the
food properly, and it can lead to a whole load of digestive issues.
What’s more, stress has been shown to be harmful to the beneficial bacteria within our gut,
therefore affecting our immune system, digestion, inflammation, mood and much more.
We live in a stressful world, but for someone to bring their digestive symptoms under control,
managing stress is an important step (and no that doesn’t mean spending 23 hours a day

Finally, there are certain tests (such as a stool test) that can be really beneficial as it lets someone
look deeper and better understand the causes of their problems (and so fast track their success).
Things like bacteria, parasites and candida, for example, can all be shown to be big causes.
The testing was one of the most important things that we done to help Donna turn her health
around, as it allowed us to identify the parasite.
The parasite had been the one thing that was holding my wife back (once we had addressed her diet,
stress management, toxins, etc) and things like parasites, bacteria and candida could well be the
thing that are holding back thousands of people who suffer with IBS, IBD and diverticulitis, no matter
what they do.
Unfortunately, the type of testing that is required to identify these problems can rarely be
effectively done through a doctor due to the poor quality and narrow scope of their tests (they very
easily miss things).

How Diet and Testing Helped Transform Kathryn’s Health
Just one other example of someone else who’s health was transformed was Kathryn…
She had been struggling with digestive problems for a few years. She was frequently going to the
toilet, and said at times she felt like she looked pregnant she was so bloated.
Over the 60 days after coming to me the change in her health was dramatic.
www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

To start with, I had Kathryn complete some forms that told me more about her, her existing diet and
lifestyle, and her health history.
From that I created a completely personalised nutrition plan that gave her some changes to be
making to her diet – while making sure it was still enjoyable and manageable – I never want it to feel
overly restrictive as it can just be too hard to stick to).
On top of the diet changes, which on their own, in the first couple of weeks, had a positive impact in
terms of reduced bloating, we had her provide some stool samples that were sent off to the lab for
analysis. This told us SO MUCH more about what was going on in her body.
Here’s a few extracts from the report we received back…

The above shows the first part of the report, which gave us a snap shot of the health of the bacteria
within Kathryn’s gut.
This showed us, in particular, that there were relatively low levels of good bacteria (which, itself can
be a major problem) but also, quite significantly, 2 different types of bacteria within the “Dysbiotic
flora” column.
These bacteria (which are considered the bad type) certainly could have been contributing towards
her symptoms.
It didn’t end there though as she also showed to have a parasite (Blastocystis Hominis)…

…as well as issues with how she digested Carbohydrates.

www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

These are significant findings.
For someone to have 2 “bad” types of bacteria, a parasite, problems with carbohydrate digestion, as
well as potentially low levels of good bacteria can be a real recipe for significant digestive problems.
It was no wonder she was suffering!
So what did we do?
On top of the diet changes, Kathryn was also put on to a supplement protocol.
Essentially, this was designed to primarily fight the parasite and bacteria, using natural supplements
that have been shown to be very effective at killing these things off.
We also used certain things to help with the carbohydrate problem, and the low levels of good
bacteria which left her gut in a really strong place.
How did her symptoms change?
Over this time, the changes were significant.

Her bloating went away completely (she’s realised many of her clothes are now too big for
her as her stomach has reduced in size so much!)


Her bowel movements are now under control (most days, one a day)


Her energy levels have increased


She feels like she has her life back and can do what she wants without worrying about her

The change has been so positive to see. After we worked together she sent me this note…
“Thank you so much for all you’ve done. A couple of days ago we went out for dinner with some
friends and it was so nice firstly feeling comfortable in what I was wearing, but also lovely to able to
sit at the meal, enjoy my food, and not worry about having to rush to the toilet at a moments’ notice!
And I actually felt good after the meal too, which hasn’t happened for a long time!”

Next Steps
By now, you might be asking how to get access to testing and nutrition plans like this. I do obviously
help people who suffer with digestive issues, and offer 3 main packages…

Option 1 – Nutrition Plan
Option 1 includes a completely personalised nutrition plan and private review with one of my team
of expert practitioners.
Things will start with what I feel is the most comprehensive pre-screening service in the profession.
This allows me to gain the best possible understanding of what has happened in the past, what is
happening now, and where you want to get to.
www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

Pre-screening forms include:
- In depth symptom questionnaire (covering the major systems of the body including, but not
limited to, the digestive system, blood sugar management, stress response management)
- Medical history
- Sleep diary
- Food diary
- DASS questionnaire(stress questionnaire)
From this I will create a completely personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. This is approximately a
20-page document that will address what I feel is the primary issues in relation to your health and
wellbeing, based on the information you have provided me with.
Within 2 weeks of you receiving the plan, a 45mins phone (or Skype) call will be arranged for you to
discuss the plan in further detail with one of my team of practitioners. You’ll get all your questions
answered, and all the support you need to make the changes as simple, effective and quick as
In the instances where it is felt that supplements are needed (often only for a short period of time),
a completely personalised supplementation plan will also be provided, along with recommended
brands/products (so you only use the things that you need and stop wasting money on those that
As a special bonus for anyone who chooses this option before the end of this month you’ll receive an
incredible recipe book that shows you how to make quick, simple, amazing tasting food that will help
to feel drastically better while still being able to LOVE what you eat. I honestly believe this to be the
best recipe book I have ever seen and all of my clients agree!
The investment for this option is £199. Just click below to sign up now (and we will get the forms
sent over to you to we can get things moving).

Option 2 – Stool Testing
This option is for those who perhaps aren’t interested the diet side of things, but who do want to run
the stool test.
This is one of the most advanced stoool tests available – a Comprehensive Stool Test with
Parasitology – that checks for parasites, pathogens, bacterial growth, candida / yeast, digestive
function, secretory IgA levels, short chain fatty acids, inflammation and much more.
These are all things that could be causing serious health complications and are things that MUST be
addressed to feel as good as you could.
A stool test like this is done over 2 days, in the comfort of your own home, and you post the samples
off to the lab. 2-3 weeks later the lab then send me the results, and I will contact you to arrange a
time for us to review them together via phone or Skype, and we will put in place a protocol to
address what has been found.

www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

I also provide a guarantee that if the test comes back and there is nothing for us to work on, I refund
you on full.
If there is a chance that you have underlying problems like Kathryn or Donna, then I really would
urge you to consider a stool test.
In my experience, it’s the quickest way to feel great again. The results can often be seen very
quickly, even when someone has been suffering for years.
Many people may not like the thought of doing a test such as this but it is very simple, it’s done in
your own home, and is posted off to the lab in appropriate packaging that is sent to the lab who deal
with thousands of these tests each year.
The results are emailed to me and then we review them together.
It’s very simple, with no embarrassment, no trips to the doctor and no uncomfortable questions.
Hopefully you can see the huge value in something such as this.
If it’s something you are keen on running then just choose your option below, make the payment,
and I will have the stool test kit and relevant forms sent to you so we can get things moving as soon
as possible.
The investment for this option is £399. Click below to sign up…

Option 3 – Nutrition Plan & Stool Test (Save £100!)
Finally, option 3 is for someone who wants to leave no stone unturned. It is a combination of
options 1 and 2 and includes:


Personalised Nutrition Plan
Comprehensive Stool Test
Personalised Supplement Plan
1 hour private call with an expert practitioner to review your stool results, and give you all
the help and support you need to make the journey to better health as quick, and easy as
Completely free recipe book (for anyone who picks this option before the end of this

The investment for this is just £498 (a saving of £100). To choose this option, click here to make the
payment, and the relevant forms and stool test kit will be sent out to you the same day

It’s Time to Feel Amazing Again
I’ve worked with many people who have suffered for too long and have helped them to completely
transform their health. The options above provide you with the opportunity to feel dramatically
better and lead a much more normal, happy, healthier life.
www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

More information on myself and the work I do can be found at www.IamGregWilliams.com/successstories/ .
If you have any questions at all then by all means feel free to send me a Facebook message, or email
me at info@iamgregwilliams.com and I will do my best to help you.

“My symptoms now are pretty much non-existent. I’m completely medication free,
I don’t get cramps and bleeding is rare. I enjoy my gym training which continues to
improve – I’m stronger faster and fitter and the PBs continue to roll in! I’m now at
the stage where there are very few foods I need to avoid and I can eat out without
having to worry about finding a suitable option on the menu. It’s incredible to
think I left it so long when the help is out there!”
Zoe Thompson, Bristol

" I reached out to Greg for help and it has completely changed my life. My
inflammation levels have reduced significantly and I have been able to eliminate
my medication which was a major goal of mine. What’s more I feel absolutely
fantastic! Honestly, if you suffer with IBD then I would highly recommend getting
in touch with Greg – I’m so glad that I did as I feel amazing”
Kayleigh Vermont, Basingstoke
“Now at the end of the process I am symptom free. I no longer feel bloated,
fatigued or have stomach cramps. My most recent blood test shows that I
am free from inflammation and I am not anaemic for the first time in 14
years. To add to this result I am now pregnant, which is more than I could
have wished for!”
Lucy Young, Bedfordshire

**The views and nutritional advice expressed by Greg Williams is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.
Purchasing a product, program or wellness coaching does not establish a doctor patient relationship with Greg Williams or any of his
team. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider/doctor. We suggest that you
continue to work with qualified medical professional as you engage in our material, products and services. No information offered here
should be interpreted as a diagnosis of any disease, nor an attempt to treat or prevent or cure any disease or condition. Greg Williams’
products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Each individual’s success depends on his or her
background, circumstances, underlying problems, dedication, motivation and desire. Facts and figures provided are believed to be
accurate, but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

www.IamGregWilliams.com – All Rights Reserved

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