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Plerome-Today at 4:59 PM
Sup Hill. I wuz kicked out of all my main servers, including yours.
Plerome-Today at 5:00 PM
Did you transcend any possible hangover from yesterday?
HillarysDoctorAMA-Today at 5:00 PM
Any idea why?
I didn't know you were kicked
Plerome-Today at 5:00 PM
Yes, it's a bit of a long story though.
HillarysDoctorAMA-Today at 5:00 PM
Ok well I'll ask my mods about it.
Plerome-Today at 5:03 PM
Everything happened in the server "Golden Hwheat Fields" that recently branched of
from Baked Alaskas when the latter opened up his server to the general public, but his
bodyguard who got stabbed, Tony, during the ensuing night, proceeded to decide to ban
basically all the noobs that had just been invited.
When this happened I was present, and it was my first or second night on Discord. Since
I was a noob myself, but I sympathized with all the much more ancient regulars who
were kind of purity spiralling against the other noobs, I found myself in the peculiar
situation of being recrutef as a noob in a new server dedicated especially to preserving
the 'oldfag' community from normie contact & let's say pollution.
A few hours later, during the day, Baked Alaska came to his server only to discover all
the banning that had occurred, get pissed off, and castigate publically & ban the
responsable bodyguard, then to re-authorize all the ppl that had been banned, accepting
many new figures as mods even. So the alienation of the more politicized & of an older
presence base continued to filter to the new server, Golden Hwheat Fields, of which I
was a member of a de facto group even more theoretically reserved for older regulars
than the whole server which already was. And at that point, Baked didn't know yet of the
existence of the alternative server.
So he & those of his mods & regulars he had not somewhat or a lot alienated through the
whole event (the "Tonycaust" or "Tonyhoax" depending ob whose party one takes)
started to notice that major usual participants in Baked's server had disappeared, and
more where going the same way.
So these folks started panicking, and as I was going to & fro contributing quite a bit in
both servers, and sympathizing with pretty much everybody, I knew that my newness &
the bizarre position I was in regarding the internal crisis made me an ideal potential
scapegoat. So I voiced these but kept getting insurances of protection in case something
went wrong. So Baked Alaska & his closests mods finally learned of the existence of
Hwheat Fields and bugged out, brought in the admin of the group, I wad kind of
hysterically singled out by Baked himself during the 10 or 20 seconds of this I got to
hear before I was deafened. Then a long discussion ensued among our admin & the elite
of Baked server, out of which a negotiated resolution seemed to come out, which
entailed the harmonious cohabitation of both servers and transfers of personnel to kind
of force it if need be.
At this point, all 'renegades,' including myself, where assured by both Baked & our
admin, Nice Guy National Socialist, that there would be no kind of 'retribution'
whatsoever for having "torn the community apart" in effect, according to the new, or
rather amended, powers that be in Hwheat Fields. So the situation was strange because

the server wad theoretically normalized, and nobody would have any problen, yet it was
kind of like being watched by the police to have overseeing us in the place of relative
refuge those persons, Baked himself included, whose management of the initial server
had been the cause of exile & creation of the new.
Essentially, everyone was pretendinf that nothing was weird while paranoia ran
rampant, and it is in this context that the little crisis involving myself & my expulsion
from, chronologically, Hwheat Fields, than yours, and finally Baked's original server,
HillarysDoctorAMA-Today at 5:43 PM
Wew that's a lot. Let me find our who kicked you and what their reasoning was
Plerome-Today at 5:43 PM
Some of us, including the bodyguard that had been stabbed & that had mass banned
people right after they had been invited, Tony; the lead moderator Nice Guy who had
complied with the Tonycaust/haox by relinquishing his authority to Tony to commit
said bannings...
(I know sorry, but there's really no way to tell it properly without the story, and I'm
already simplifying quite a bit.
Come back in a few if you prefer, rather than waiting
each smaller installment!)
Plerome-Today at 6:04 PM
...the person who had invited me to your own server after we had sympathised, Earl
Turner; myself; and a few others that needn't be adressed at this point. We were
shooting the shit in the context of the Tony's arrival for the Unite the Right eveny in
Charlottesville. We were in the Hwheat Fields server. At this moment, someone basically
unknown showed up and started saying that he was glad he could be there to flee
essentially the persecution, in the form of attempted doxxing; which was according to
him occurring in the initial Baked's stream. Initially all present involved, myself
included, assumed he was genuine, but as he kept insisting that the other server's mods
were basically sadistic traitors & what not, it soon became evident that he was lying, his
proofs were non-existent, and one could evermore hear in his voice that he was holding
in bursting out laughing. This was eventually somewhat widely recognized, combined
with the understandinf that it didn't warrent him being banned. Nevertheless he had
obviously been sent by the leadership of the old server to moniter & goad one or more
persons present into saying 'reprehensible' things (ie. things that could provide an
adequate excuse for banning). The agent provocateur was poor in execution as when
challenged from the chat he ignored as long as he could, then when people brought his
attention to it verbally his denial was full of irrelevant fausse srlf-righteousness...
...("what do you mean, I'm lying; I'm offended, there is no man more patrotic than me, I
am all in, for this movement") and other, as retarded deflections. So he failed, but in the
wake of said provocation, somehow Tony proceeded to turn his attention to me in the
name of the imo incoherent rationale whereby if the previous guy was questioned &
tested it was only fair that I'd be as well. This doesn't make much sense since I had not
claimed anything at all which would require any kind of verification, at least no such
thing was even mentioned. The effort was essentially to get me to talk on mike, which I
didn't want to do (keep in mind that I'd only been involved in any of this for maybe some
3 days at this point). But I perhaps naively accepted Tony's additional argument
whereby it was a form of good natured hazing, and ended up saying a symbolic "one
This is the context in which I say that:

"I was banned for "having dared to doubt for 1 minute James Lori's incredibly pitiful
story of addiction & homelesness (he started it by saying the place where Ice Poseidon
did his paintball shtick amid crackheads in tent city was where he had lived 2 or so
years, sorry I thought it might have been bullshit intended to have us for a second). And
retarded secondary reasons (some plausible spy from Baked's server was bullshitting a
nonsense story & I called him out on it, but then it turned on me since I'm a noob & I
hadn't spoken on VC, so I ended up saying "one word" but it was useless; Tony put
"Jewish" as a nickname on me & wouldn't remove it, so I ended up breaking into a little
tirade pretending to be a supremacist apocalyptic Jew calling on 'Yahweh, Lord of Hosts,
to assail & vainquish the vermin on the path of the descent of the divine presence on
Earth amid his people the Elect,' you know, some shit like that to be in the role I was
ascribed while passively-agressively communicating to get the "Jewish" title the fuck off
of my handle, but then off course I think that retardedly got Tony thinking I might be a
Jew; plus in the meantime some guy I have never heard of, one Nick Abbot apparently
appeared on my server, and that led Alt, to whose idea of having Alt-Right/Skeptic
debates I had dedicated the thing, to get off of it, making me even madder, and somehow
coming back to Tony, fact which he then integrated no doubt into some conspiracy I
guess, while the Nick Abbot in question is, if he's not someone you guys already know
(which I thought at first but I'm doubting now) just some guy who came to see debates
because I advertised the server tonight on my 2 Twitter accounts)... Anyway, so when
Nice told be basically that I was a pain but I could come back if I behaved, "FINAL
WARNING" (AND FIRST ONE AS WELL!) I blew a gasket & now fuck it. That's the story in
short. ^"
" "Oh and dude, I wonder if the person who "found out" that Nick Abbot handle on my
server is known. I'm wondering if it wasn't set up by some of the people who where
distraught wih the creation of Hwhite Fields & worried about my involvement in it as a
noob (I just saw the Tonycost, went along to the new server, had a bit of fun & made a
meme...). In particular I'm thinking it might be that douche Francine who had been
hostile to me for no reason & obviously wanted to get rid of me.
Doesn't matter
much, but it would be nice to understand what happened in case something like that
occurred (like one of the ppl here maybe slipped the invite to someone like that, who
proceeded to create a fake Discord account with a name bound to get everybody in the
group highly suspicious, then have it enter my Discord and take a screenshot of it, then
diffuse it somehow - in that case, the person wouldn't have come through my Twitter,
and in second thought, it seems much more probable that this is what happened). Or
maybe I'm paranoid
So in all likelihood, your mod who had invited me, Earl Turner, and who had come with
others & myself from Baked's server to Hwheat Fields, kicked me out of your server
after I was "half-jockingly" temporarily kicked out of Hwheat Fields & then soon after
falsely accused to have some link with an individual I had never heard of, and accused on
the sole pretext of the presence of someone with that person's real name as a handle in
my open server, essentially of being a treasonous mole.
That's when Earl kicked me out of your server. Probably when messages where being
circulated stating that I was sime mole by the mods of the original Baked server.

So my working theory is basically that Baked & his mods were threatened by my
presence & it's coincidence with the Tony meltdown of sorts, and it is plausible that
when they had their long hidden duscussiom with the 'renegade' leadership which I wad
assiciated with, supressing me drastically or kicking me tf out was one clause of the
revonciliation pact, and had to be done in a way protective of plausible deniability at the
very least, so that the alienated who had left for Hwheat Fields would not risk being
even more alienated by what could be seen otherwise as my unjust & arbitrary
(sorry again 4 the length, the autism is mighty one that 1; anyway, let me know what you

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