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Fanpage: Thank you so much for this exclusive interview for Nicole Ansperger Fanpage,
Evocation II is coming in a few days and all the fans are very excited since it’s a long wait for
part two, so what can we expect of the new album?
Nicole: Well, basically it´s the natural sequel to “Evocation I”. Back in 2008 when the Evocation
concept was written, it was meant and written as a two album cycle. And so it´s another
acoustic Eluveitie album, fully dedicated to Celtic mythology and completely in ancient Gaulish
language. It continues the lyrical concept of part I, but therein it kinda goes back to where it all
comes from (in the Celtic understanding): The otherworld. The world beyond of the Celtic
culture, where we all come from, where we´ll go to at some point and where the gods live. We
look at the album as a journey through the Celtic pantheon, each track is dedicated to one
Celtic deity.
Musically it captures the spirit of “Evocation I” pretty well, I think. That was also something we
really focused on in the studio.
When you'll listen to the album, you'll notice diverse things you've heard before on other
Eluveitie albums! This was a spontaneous idea which came up while writing the songs. The
thing is that each goddess or god represented on “Evocation II” in some way plays a role or is
somehow related to the lyrical topic of at least another Eluveitie song. As an example: The song
“Inis Mona” is about the isle of Mona and the god “Ogmios” doesn't appear in the lyrics
directly. But still, mythologically Ogmios plays a central role on the isle of Mona. And so our
song “Inis Mona” and the song “Ogmios” off “Evocation II” are contentually and mythologically
related. And there are connections and relations like that in each of the tracks on “Evocation
At some point we had the spontaneous idea to actually express these connections musically as
well. And so “Evocation II” becomes something like a journey of discovery to its listener! :) In
each track there are some hidden details deriving from an older Eluveitie songs. In some tracks
it's rather obvious, in some others it's just some really small, hidden details.

Fanpage: What’s your favorite song on the new album and what song you can’t wait to play
Nicole: It's hard to say for I love all of them, actually. :) But yeah, if I had to chose, I'd go for
“Ogmios”, “Catvrix”, “Artio” and “Esvs”.
Fanpage: You had any word while recording the violin parts? You gave ideas or made changes
to it?
Nicole: Yeah, pretty much. I think that was one of the most remarkable developments for us as
a band during the last 12 months. You know, after our rather drastic line-up change nearly 1,5
years ago we've found new band members and musically they all are really, really amazing. But

what happened in the months afterwards was even more amazing to us. The we developed as
a band, as a group of musicians and of people and the way we grew together was just
incredible. The atmosphere we have today in our band is very familial on one hand, but very
dedicated and focused at the other hand. And this, of course, also had a huge impact on the
creating process of the album. When we were in the studio, nearly all the band was there the
whole production time – even those band members who weren't recording at the time. They
were still there... well, just to be there. Or to cook for everybody else, or so. :) And each day
from morning to evening there were some band members sitting together in all corners of the
studio, brooding over details of the album or simply jamming. It was a very creative
atmosphere in the studio and we left a lot of room for spontaneity. Three tracks of the album
were even born (unplanned) during the recording session, just out of spontaneous creativity. I
think we hardly ever have worked together so closely and intensely as a band, as a group of
musicians when creating an album. And well, I think you can hear this on “Evocation II”, you
can hear it's very organic character.
Fanpage: Which album was harder for you to record, Origins or Evocation?
Nicole: I think “Origins”. Besides the fact that the album is pretty demanding on a technical
level, it's also that everything was new to me back then. I mean, I joined the band just shortly
before we recorded “Origins”.
Fanpage: The band has passed through some changes, has this somehow influenced in
Eluveitie's music?
Nicole: Yes and no, I'd say. Not stylewise. Eluveitie is still 100% Eluveitie as it always has been
and always will be. But the things I've described above definitely had an impact on us as a
band. I think we're much more a unity today. And this just feels really good. Also for me
personally. And this surely has a very positive influence on the music and also on us playing
shows live!
Fanpage: I asked you this before Origins release and I need to ask again, can we expect to hear
your voice in a track?
Nicole: Haha, actually yes! In one track (“Nantosvelta”) I'm giving voice to the Celtic goddess! ;)
Fanpage: You have already recorded 4 videos with Eluveitie, which one was your favorite to
record and to watch?
Nicole: This is always a matter of taste, of course. But for me personally the best clip we ever
made is “Epona”.
Fanpage: Talking a little bit about you, what’s your favorite band and album at moment?
Nicole: To be honest I hardly have the time to listen to music and check out new bands or
releases, unfortunately. When I listen to music (which isn't the case too often), I basically listen
to the stuff I like since a long time. Yet I think I'm pretty open-minded in music styles anyway
(like all of us). I like diverse kinds of metal... I enjoy good melodic death metal, but also
progressive stuff like Dream Theater or Opeth, but also more modern stuff and metalcore.

Fanpage: You had a gig break to record the new album but soon you’ll go back on the road,
when you’re not touring what’s your favorite thing to do?
Nicole: Definitely spending time with my two wonderful children. And sitting on our balcony
with Chrigel, drinking a glass of Prosecco and discussing about everything under the sun (after
the children are in bed, of course ;)).
Fanpage: You have already played many shows with Eluveitie, so tell us what is your favorite
memory on tour? There’s a country you still want to meet?
Nicole: Our first Japan tour was generally a very nice experience! Also something I enjoyed a lot
was Rockharz Festival 2015, where we shared the backstage area with Dream Theater...
fucking cool (ok, I have to mention that I'm a pretty big Dream Theater fan here ;)).
Due to health issues I wasn't able to join the band for their last Brazilian tour, unfortunately
and I was bummed! So I definitely can't wait to finally come to Brazil and play for you all! And
I'm definitely looking forward to finally meet my buddy Ana in person, my friend and host of
this fan page! ;)
Thank you very much for this interview!

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