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Easy steps to a bigger manhood .pdf

Original filename: Easy steps to a bigger manhood.pdf
Author: Ian D Clarke

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Ok. So where do we start. Let’s go back in time shall we. Back to around 6 BC in fact.
Because it is believed that many men were conscious about the size of their penis back
Back then, the ancient Egyptians and Mayans of South America would decorate their
Fertility Temples with stone carvings that represented the penis. These carvings would
make the penis seem much bigger than it really was and this is believed to be one of the
reasons for the men trying to improve their penis size.

I am 35 years old, overweight and at present a single man. I would look in the mirror and
get so fed up with the way I looked. I am useless at sticking to a diet, so I guess the belly
is with me for life. But I looked at my manhood and thought, my god. If I were to get a
girlfriend and then pop out my little fella, imagine the look of disappointment on her face
when she sees the poor thing. It was something I needed to change and so I started my
research into possible techniques for improving my penis.

This is my penis before
any techniques were used.

This is just 120 days after
I started techniques

As you can see from the pictures above, a change is thankfully possible. To achieve this I
have been using the Jelq technique.

The Jelq technique is believed to have come from the Middle East. It is also known as the
Milking Technique.
Firstly, we’re going to look at the wet milking technique.
You need to make the OK sign with your finger and thumb.
The use of a lubricating gel or non sensitive lotion or baby oil
will make this far more comfortable and more stimulating too

The OK sign

Now, using the OK sign, squeeze the penis shaft as close to the testicle end as possible.
Keep squeezing and move your hand along to the Head of the penis. (Do not continue
over the head of the penis)

As you get to the head hold it tight for
approximately 3 seconds. Now use your
other hand to start from the testicle end
again. Repeat this process for as long as you
can do it.

Using your thumb and forefinger,
Pull your penis outwards until it
becomes semi erect.
Once it is semi erect, use the same
milking technique as before. This is not
as comfortable as with the lubricant, but
has the same effect. Keep doing this
until your arm gets tired. You will
improve your hand grip too doing these

This is a similar technique as the milking technique, but
is much simpler. You just Grab, squeeze, pull and hold.

You need to take care when you do this one because
too much pressure can lead to you bursting
capillaries in the penis. If you do you will see small
red dots on the head of the penis, but don’t be
scared. They don’t last more than a few days.
Ok. This is what you do.
1 – Sit on a chair, leaning back slightly and produce a
near erection as best as you can.
2 – Using your thumb and index finger, grip penis at
the head and stretch it in the direction of the erection
3 – Now hold this position and squeeze your pc
muscles in. (this feels the same as when you stop your
urine during a wee.
4 – Keep penis squeezed tight, hold this position and then release the muscles and then
squeeze them in again. Do this for about 20 or so times.
5 - Repeat steps 1 – 4 but now grip tighter and hold the squeezed muscles in for longer
periods. Keep doing this till you get tired muscles.
After you have done 2 sets of these exercises, relax the penis and then squeeze it as in
step 2 and then stretch it and hold for 60 seconds. Repeat this and then relax and gently
massage penis as a reward for its hard work.

The milking routine can be done as often as you feel like doing. You might feel like
doing 300 strokes a day or 3000. You decide how you do it at the time. Don’t feel like it’s
a mad rush. Take your time. Enjoy the exercise. Remember, this is probably the first time
your penis has had any real hard workout to do so treat it with respect.
If you are doing the exercises and your penis becomes fully erect, then take care not to be
too firm. You may wish to slow things down or even stop for a while. Make a drink and
just relax. Then if you feel like it, carry on again.
If you ejaculate then have a break for 30 minutes or so and then you can begin again.
You may feel a little bit achy from the stretching but not in pain. If you do feel pain then
try to be a little more gentle and remember to only work on the shaft and not the head.
If you get a swollen penis, don’t worry. It will go away after an hour or so.

Some people believe that using weights to hang from the penis is the
way forward; however, there are many that say this can be a
dangerous route to take and should be avoided.
Looking at the man in the picture, I think that it may not be the most
comfortable way to get a bigger penis..
There are different types of weights available. From small golf club
type weights to the large weights like you would find on dumbbells.

You do not have to spend lots of money getting good weights
either. You may wish to make your own weights.
Using a sock filled with stones or lead, then attached to the
penis with rubber bands is an effective stretching method for
The only problem with this method is that at first, it is a little
difficult to attach the sock using rubber bands, but with a little
practice, it can be mastered.

Another very popular size increasing method is the
use of a vacuum pump. This method is often
advertised in men’s magazines and sex catalogues
as the greatest invention ever for penis growth,
however, I have not tried this myself but have seen
website forums regarding pumping and a large
percentage of users comment that it was great at the
time, but the next day it had shriveled up. Some
even state that their penis is smaller after a month of pumping than it was before.
It may work for some and not others, I don’t know.
You may wish to undertake surgery in order to increase your penis size. This is taking
penis growth to a new level. There are two types of surgery. One is for lengthening and
the other is for girth.
A - Lengthening
The two erectile bodies of the penis are known as the corpora cavernosa. Approximately
half of the length of the corpora cavernosa is inside the body. The corpora cavernosa are
attached to the pubic bone by the suspensory ligaments. By releasing these ligaments, the
penis can be brought forward, thereby achieving
additional length outside the body. This at first sounds
great, but there are pro’s and cons to be had regarding
this type of surgery. The penis can increase in length
usually by 1 – 2 inches. Sounds good, BUT, as it has
been cut away from the suspensory Ligaments, it is no
longer going to stand upwards properly when erect. It
will be an erect penis that is facing forward. Some
people that have had this surgery done have reported that
they were unable to perform sexually very well and that
they felt they were worse off for it.
B - Girth
The second operation is for increasing the girth. Usually Fat is
removed from the patient’s abdomen and then injected around
the penis. This makes the penis more bulky and can increase the
girth of the penis by 1 to 3 inches. There are risks though.
Scarring and abnormalities in the appearance of the penis may
occur and unless you have further operations, may be permanent.
The picture on the right is of a post op penis. Some cases have
seen the male become impotent as well.
You should really THINK carefully before considering an operation and maybe
speak to your own GP for advice and opinions.

The penis anatomy
The penis comprises three tubes, basically: one on each
and one on the bottom, which contains the urethra and attaches
to the glans, or head of the penis.
The side tubes fill up with blood during an erection, and expand.
How much they expand differs from person to person. With most
men, the penis is smaller while flaccid and gets much larger
when erect.

Measure yourself before you start your enlargement regimen. So many guys measure
carelessly and then can't believe their original measurements
once their penis starts getting larger.
Just do it...BEFORE you start any enlargement technique!
First, measure erect length by:A - Standing, hold erection straight out from your body.
B - Press ruler against your pubic bone.
C - Measure to the tip of the penis


With a piece of string or cloth measuring tape, measure the
circumference of your erect penis at mid-shaft.

There are many ways in which we can
improve our manhood size. Do we have to
though? Well, if you’re sitting here reading
this guide now, then you probably do. It is all
about how you feel about yourself.
I am very pleased with how it is going for
I am using the Jelq technique and am seeing
the improvements for myself.. As you can
see, I am not the slimmest or prettiest thing
this side of mars, but I am improving on
some of my bits and its making me feel a
little better about myself. I find the nicest
place to self improve is in the bath.
This guide has taken a while to produce and I
just hope that you get some help from it and
make improvements to your body that you
feel you need to make.
Have fun, take your time and enjoy the

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