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One month to better English checktutor .pdf

Original filename: One-month to better English checktutor.pdf
Title: awesomeboy baby showerthemes
Author: Suresh C

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Better -English
in One  Month
Tips And Tricks


Week 1
Watch children’s cartoons in English:
This is one of the easiest ways to l earn the language.
Cartoons use easy words and  phrases and are usualy
repetitive. They help you learn useful everyday
English. Mickey Mouse,Dora, Curious George, Word
World,Thomas, the Train, Arthur are some of the
popular cartoons. https://www.youtube.com/ is a great
place to watch some of these cartoons.

Watch TV & movies:
Start by watching English television shows and movies.
Initialy, watch movies with sub-titles in your mother tongue. As you
get comfortable with the   l language, you can turn-off the sub-titles.
Movies and television show with sub-titles are available online. 
Some of the sources are free, while you will need to pay a
subscription for a few. Look atitas an investment you are making on
yourselves. The benefits you reap out of  improving your English
will far out weigh the cost.  You can start with ‘The Best Movies of
all Time’.  http://www.i mdb.com/  i s a great place to start.

Listen to Radio :
As your level of comfort with the language
improves, listen to English programs on the
radio. Observe, if you are able to understand
without the aid of visuals.  BBC radio online
is a good source of programs in different
interesting genres.
http://ww-w.bbc.co.uk/radiois a very
interestingplace to start this journey.


Week 1
Listen to English Popular Music:

As you get more comfortable with the language, listen to
popular English American and British music.You can
search for the latest hits on Google, either the ‘USA or UK
Bilboard’. This will all so help you get a hang of the
popular culture of these
prominent English speaking countries.
http://tunein.com/radio/ , http://www.surfmusic.de/  are a
few popular sites.  

Change the language settings on your,OS,
Facebook , and Twitter to English 

This is the easiest way to force you to learn the
language. You will find it difficult initialy, but
keep at it til you get comfortable.
It will help you get comfortable with the
vocabulary on the phone, to begin with.                


Week 2
Label things around the house: 

Get a pack of post-its. Write down the names of things
around the house,in the English language and label
them. Every time you look at them,
you will internalize their names in English. 

Read Children’ s Books 

Start by reading Children’s books wil this
lustrations. The ilustrations will help you understand
easily. Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Thomas and his
friends are a fee, you can start with.  You can slowly
move to children’s novels as you find yourselves
getting more comfortable with the language. The
Harry Potter series is a good start. Books by Ruskin
Bond, Roald Dahl are quite engaging and make an
easy read. https://freekidsbooks.org/,
http://www.magickeys.com/books/  have free books
for download. 


Week 2

Get a good bi -lingual dictionary :

Use it to find the English equivalent of
things that you use daily. Use the dictionary
whenever in doubt. Do not feelshy to use it. 

Learn a new word everyday and
sentences that use them


Week 3
Start speaking :
Do not be afraid to speak, even if haltingly
and with mistakes. Only if you speak, can
people correct you. And you will earn.

Use technology:

Record yoursel veson your phone and
hearit. You will be able to identify your
mistakes and improve.

Be realistic about your talking speed :
When you begin to start speaking in English, be
realistic about the speed at which you can speak the
language. Don’t expect to be able to speak as fast as
in your mother tongue. Slow down and give
yourselves time to think (in English). People
appreciate a well thought out response to a rushed
and confusing one. Learn a few set phrases, verb
patterns, i dioms, – basicaly anything we all ways
say in one particular way. For ex-ample, sorry to
bother/trouble you, but…, In the mean time…, it’ s
been along time since…


Week 3
Surround yourselves with English speakers:

The only way you can get better at a language is
by using it. Put your-selves in situations where
are forced to use the language.
Surround your-selves with English speakers. Join
an activity or club where the primary
communication is in English. Example: a craft
class or cooking class.

Swap languages:

Find an acquaintance who is good at English
and wants to learn your mother-tongue (or a
language that you are very comfortable
with).This way, you can l earn English, while
you teach him/her your mother tongue. It will
also make it interesting and fun for both. 


Week 4
Read newspapers and magazines :
Read a magazine or newspaper regularly. Pick one or two
words a day, use a dictionary to l earn their meaning and
try to use the words during the day. This will help you
build your vocabulary over time. And let this habit stay
with you throughout your life. Start by reading the
English newspa-per available in your city.  Most of the
popular English newspapers have online editions. The
Guardian, New York Times, The Hindu, The Times of
India, The Daily Mail, and The WalStreet Journal are
some of the top En-glish newspapers from across the
world. http://www.wsjcom/india,
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/index.html , are a few
online editions of newspapers.

Start by keeping a journal /diary:

Start by writing about things you did,
places you have been to, and people you
met during the day. Make sure you do it
every day and it becomes a habit. 


Week 4
Write out your thoughts: 

You can slowly move to writing out your thoughts

and feel-ings. Keep it short and simple. The

important thing is that the reader should be able to

understand you. Try to think in the English

language, rather than translating from your mother

tongue. You will get a hang of it as you go along. 


This is a good start and just the beginning! They say, you have l
earnt and internalized a language, when you dream in that language.
And to help you get there, contact checktutor.com


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