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Case 1:17-cv-03083-SCJ Document 3 Filed 08/21/17 Page 2 of 6

activity,which was perpetrated by wire, to her Director of Communications JENNIFER PALMIERI. Clinton
was scheduled to debate Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic pty nomination as 2016
Presidential candidate. Included within this scheme were the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE,
Clinton Campaign Director JOHN PODESTA & DNC Chairperson DEBORAH WASSERMAN SCHULT2.

The following is a civil complaint to be filed within this District as a diversity case,in conjunction
with the variety of separate Districts inhabited by the Pltf & Dfts in re; 28 USC 1332 & 1391. In re; 28
USC 1332,this lawsuit involves Pltfs & Dfts who are citizens of various states. In re; 28 USC 1391, this
District is the proper VENUE because the case is both local & transitory. The District retains specific
SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION due to the fact that the civil & criminal violations committed by Dfts
were "brainstormed" & commissioned in Atlanta,Ga.

GREGORY ACKERS is the Principal Plaintiff in this civil lawsuit. Mr. Ackers is an American citizen
who's voted in 6 Presidential elections. He resides in Los Angeles,Ca.
Dft. CABLE NEWS NETWORK is a Georgia Foreign Profit Corporation H.Q.'d @ 1 CNN
Center,Atlanta,Georgia 30303
Dft. DONNA BRAZILE was employed by Dft CABLE NEWS NETWORK @ the time of the civilly
liable activitys. She acted as the proponent of all stated violations. Her business address is 1001 G St.
NW 11500E Wash D.C. 20001
Dft. HILLARY RODHAM CLiNliON was the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate. She resides @
15 Old House Lane Chappaqua N.Y. 10514
Dft. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE is HQ'd @ 430 S. Capitol St. SE Wash D.C. 20003
Dft. JENNIFER PALMIERI acted as Dft Clintons Director of Communications. She resides @ 1818
Abingdon Alexandria,Va 22314
Dft. JOHN PODESTA was Campaign Manager for the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. His
address is 1001 G St. NW Suite 1000W Wash D.C. 20001
Dft. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULT2 was the Chairperson of Dft DNC. Her office is @ 1114
Longworth H.O.B. Wash D.C. 20515
DFT TIME WARNER INC. is a multi-media conglomerate H.Q.'d in New York & incorporated to do
business in Georgia . TIME WARNER acts as the parent company of DFTs TURNER BROADCASTING