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Case 1:17-cv-03083-SCJ Document 3 Filed 08/21/17 Page 4 of 6

In re; 18 USC 1343,Dfts utilized electronic mail & telephones in order to defraud cable television
subscribers to a nationally televised Presidential Debate. Although WIRE FRAUD has no actual private
cause of action,Pltf means to use this statute INJUNCTIVELY & DECLARATIVELY in order to demand
REVOCATION of Dft CNN's satellite license. In the commissioning of WIRE FRAUD,Dft CNN cannot
rightfully be accepted as a "legitimate" tele-communications,or news network. Pltf also moves to
INJUNCTIVELYenstate a forensic audit of every Dfts financial records. The WIRE FRAUD statute exists in
relation to the 2'd count of RACKETEERING,in that Dfts utilized WIRE FRAUD in relation to afore-named
ACCESS DEVICES. Pltf represents to District that Dft(s) violated Sept 71999 amendment to sections
201(b) & 203 of TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1934 by "not acting in best interests of the public".
Clearly,Dfts DEFRAUDED CNN viewers & voters with a "rigged" Presidential pty debate.

In re; 18 USC 1863,Dfts did utilize an ENTERPRISE to engage in certain criminal & civilly liable
activitys;these being WIRE FRAUD (see Count 1) & INTERSTATE TRANSPORTATION OF STOLEN
PROPERTY. By televising a "fixed" debate,Dfts sanctioned the tampering of a televised debate with
"debate questions" that were misappropriated by Dfts Brazile,Palmieri,Clinton,Podesta & Schultz in
order to cheat a nationally televised Presidential Debate. A FRAUDULENT Presidential debate garnered
by telephone & e-mail,then transmitted by ACCESS DEVICE(s) amounts to "transportation of stolen
property" (SEE Count 1 WIRE FRAUD). In this case,the "enterprise" was Oft DNC & its officers, in
collusion with a political campaign & a cable news network in this most egregious sort of civil

In re; 19 USC 1592,Dfts did allow a Presidential debate to become "highjacked" by a collusive
Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organisation. There was,indeed, collusion between Dfts
Brazile,Clinton,Podesta,Wasserman-Schultz & Palmieri to signal a direct & vindictive advantage to a
Presidential candidate over her opponent,without the knowledge of registered voters or electoral
officials. The Cable News Network (Oft CNN) claims to be ignorant of aforementioned fraud,unjust
enrichment & breaching of contracts & duty. We see a distinct & NEGLIGENT inactivity in light of the
incipient deception & corruption perpetrated by the above-named political professionals.