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UOP QNT 275 Final Exam Guide .pdf

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UOP QNT 275 Final Exam Guide (New, 2017) NEW

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Chapter 01, Section 1.1, Problem 001
Select the two meanings of the word statistics.

Chapter 01, Section 1.3, Problem 008b
Indicate if the following variable is quantitative or qualitative.
The amount of rain last year in 30 cities is a ..................variable.

Chapter 01, Section 1.5, Problem 015
Select the correct explanation of the difference between a
census and a sample survey.

Select each reason why conducting a sample survey is
preferable to conducting a census.

Chapter 02, Testbank, Question 009-013
The following table gives the frequency distribution of opinions
of 50 persons in regard to an issue.


In favor 23
Against 19
No opinion 8
The percentage of persons who have no opinion is:
The relative frequency, expressed to two decimal places, of the
"Against" category is:
The sample size is:
The percentage of persons who are either against this issue or
have no opinion is:
The percentage of persons who are either in favor of this issue
or have no opinion is:

Chapter 03, Testbank, Question 008-010

The annual salaries of six employees of a company are as




$57,000 $63,000

The mean salary of these employees is: $........(rounded to 2
decimal places)
The median salary of these employees is:
The mode of the salaries of these employees is

Chapter 03, Testbank, Question 019
The value of the standard deviation of a data set is:

Chapter 03, Testbank, Question 047
According to the empirical rule, the percentage of values that
fall within one standard deviation of the mean is

Chapter 03, Testbank, Question 091
Based on the box-and-whisker plot,
complete the table.






Chapter 04, Supplementary Exercises, Problem 097a
A random sample of 300 college students was asked if college
athletes should be paid. The following table gives a two-way
classification of the responses.
Should Be Paid Should Not Be Paid
Student athlete



Student nonathlete



Round your answers to three decimal places.
If one student is randomly selected from these 300 students,
find the probability that this student
i. is in favor of paying college athletes.
ii. favors paying college athletes given that the student selected
is a nonathlete.
iii. is an athlete and favors paying student athletes.
iv. is a nonathlete or is against paying student athletes.

Chapter 04, Section 4.2, Additional Question 012
A sample of 820 adults showed that 85 of them had no credit
cards, 146 had one card each, 52 had two cards each, 75 had
three cards each, 59 had four cards each, and 403 had five or
more cards each. Suppose one adult is randomly selected from
these 820 adults. Find the probability that this adult has exactly
three credit cards.
Round your answer to two decimal places. P(A)=

8th-ed Chapter 04, Section 4.1, Problem 013a
A box contains a certain number of computer parts, a few of
which are defective. Two parts are selected at random from this
box and inspected to determine if they are good or defective.
Indicate whether the following is a simple or a compound
At least one part is good.

8th-ed Chapter 04, Section 4.2, Problem 020
Which of the following values cannot be probabilities of events?

23 -0.05 1.43 0.93


-14 0.02

Chapter 05, Testbank, Question 002
A discrete random variable is a random variable:

Chapter 05, Testbank, Question 032-033
The following table lists the probability distribution of a
discrete random variable x:









The mean of the random variable x is
The standard deviation of the random variable x, rounded to
three decimal places, is

Chapter 06, Section 6.1, Problem 016c
Determine the following probability for the standard normal
Round your answer to four decimal places.

Chapter 06, Section 6.2, Problem 020

Find the area between x=23 and x=25 under a normal
distribution curve with μ=20 and σ=4.
Round your answer to four decimal places.

Chapter 06, Section 6.2, Problem 024d
Let x be a continuous random variable that is normally
distributed with a mean of 42 and a standard deviation of 16.
Find the probability that x assumes a value less than 51.
Round your answer to four decimal places.

Chapter 07, Testbank, Question 006
The sampling error is:

Chapter 07, Testbank, Question 008
An error that occurs because of human mistakes is called:

Chapter 07, Testbank, Question 009

The mean age of all students at a university is 24 years. The
mean age of a random sample of 100 students selected from
this university is 23.6 years. The difference (23.6 - 24 = -0.4) is

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