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By: Andrew Kaprusiak
Canadian university research and Canadian universities have been
seriously compromised in the eyes of the global community with the
unprecedented alleged falsification of data by University of Ottawa
researcher and professor Jonathan O'Neil. There are seriously
compromising anomalies around the validity of the research itself, towards
Mr. O'Neil's dating procedure and of his qualifications as a researcher.
Furthermore, there is a large amount of evidence in the research article
itself that it is both a hoax and a piece of mafia propaganda authored under
the aegis or organized crime. This hoax has been conceived ultimately to
both compromise the quality of Canadian research in the eyes of the global
scientific research community and as propaganda which is designed to
extort financial resources from the global academic community.

In this ephemeral world of data with our present preference for softcopy, as
opposed to hardcopy such as books, we are sometimes led astray from our
uniquely human-engendered desire to seek the truth. Present-day websites
daily dish out continuous streams of disinformation, propaganda and "fake
news". It is the hallmark of our post-modern society, we are constantly
bombarded by information from many different and divergent perspectives
and less and less information seems to have the ring of veracity to it.
However, academia is supposed to be exempt from misinformation
propagated by the mainstream media, due to the inherent critical
speculation it must undergo to become accepted as deserving of
plausability, but not always. In their latest subversive affront to civilized
society, especially to Quebecers and Canadians, organized crime has
made Canadian scientific research a global laughing stock with the claim

that the oldest fossilized life forms on the planet have been discovered in
Northern Quebec. The study entitled, Evidence for early life in Earth’s
oldest hydrothermal vent precipitates (sic) is ostensibly a very important
scientific finding and was published in the journal, Nature, on March 2nd of
this year. ( http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v543/n7643/full/
nature21377.html )

I don't pretend to know very much about geological research so I will not
contradict a lot of the specifics of the findings of this research.
Nevertheless, there are so many anomalies surrounding this research at
even the superficial level so as to contradict its claim to being a serious and
legitimate geological study. First of all, and most damning are the
photographs accompanying the release of this study in the mass media
purported to be images of the oldest known fossilized life forms yet found
(see figure 1). It is difficult not to notice that these fossils bare a striking
resemblance to a plate of penne pasta covered in tomato sauce. This
image asserts the study's true purpose as a piece of mafia propaganda,
and undermines its validity as a scientific study. The fact that these
"noodles" are "stuck-upwards" echoes the theme that this study is really a
surreptitious mafia "stick-up" for "pennies" and that poor mafiosos have to
eat too. As well, this photograph appears to be metaphorically referring to
IV drug use and/or HIV infection. The tiny tubes look peculiarly similar to
syringe tips. Intravenous drug use is a predominant theme in the images of
this research study which divulges not only one of the surreptitious threats
which are riddled throughout this Nature article authored de facto by
organized crime, but also divulges the completely, unhealthy and bizarre
psychological obsession that users evidently have towards these drugs. In
terms of HIV infection, this photograph refers to another threat which
organized crime makes in order to extort financial resources from
individuals, that of deliberately infecting people with the HIV virus. It is
alleged that organized crime sometimes infects individuals who are
targeted for retribution with HIV infected blood through tainted blood

(Figure 1)

There are so many other anomalies surrounding this "research" I am
surprised that more people have not voiced their suspicions over it.
Nevertheless, here are some more of them: One point of contention in this
study is that life likely began 200 million years earlier than previously
thought. The fossilized bacteria discovered in Quebec, allegedly grew on
the planet about 3.7 to 4.3 billion years ago. The earth formed about 4.5
billion years ago. So that means life may have began 200 million years
after the earth formed which some in the geology community believe to be
a bit too early.

Another irregularity in this study is that these fossils were not dated by the
conventional geological dating method, but instead, a different method was
used to date the fossils. Furthermore, this was the first time that this dating
method was utilized to back up important scientific findings for rocks from
the earth! Can the results of an important new scientific finding using an
unconventional method of determining the date of fossils for the first time
be trusted so implicitly? The following Maclean's article interview with the
researcher of this study who performed the dating analysis, Jonathan
O'Neil from the University of Ottawa, clearly mentions this serious
deficiency of the study.
"Q. Why is the [world's oldest fossils] finding controversial?
A: Rocks are always dated with radioactivity. We use that as a timer. The
golden standard for us is we’re trying to date a certain mineral, a Zircon.
We’re excellent at it. We can get super nice and precise and robust dates.
The only drawback is you need Zircons to do it. These rocks from northern
Quebec, they don’t have them. We used a different clock. It’s only good for
rocks that are 4 billion years old. We’ve done it for some rocks from the
moon, but it’s the first time we’ve done it on Earth."
( http://www.macleans.ca/society/science/finding-the-worlds-oldest-fossils/ )
Thus, it is acknowledged by the researcher himself that using a new
method for dating rocks is controversial and this undermines the validity of
the study.

Furthermore, after reviewing irregularities in the tables associated with this
study, it is even more evident that it is a mafia-inspired hoax and a piece of
mafia propaganda. The function of the latter, as with all propaganda, is to
advertise the presence of the authors and to unduly influence the audience.
Mafia propaganda actually seeks to threaten and coerce its audience.
Academics in the natural sciences are the target for this mafia propaganda
as it is they who primarily read Nature. Therefore it is important to know

something about this audience in order to better understand how the
research article seeks to coerce them. The audience for Nature can be
generalized as being science professors who lead a comfortable middleclass lifestyle as a result of their profession in academia. And, to be even
more succinct, they usually have a substantial amount of financial
resources, are deeply thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working and, ultimately,
seek to prepare their children for a similar lifestyle. Therefore, the coercion
and threats contained in the Nature article are directed to a very specific
group, who have their own jargon, who are deeply pensive and who are
comfortable financially. As a result, the visual threats in this propaganda are
very subtle and will not appear as threats at first, or perhaps even second
glance. However, they are there, they are threats and they seek to implant
themselves in the minds of their audience on a subconscious level, if not a
conscious one. Once these visual threats are registered in the
subconscious mind they can be brought into the conscious mind through
revelation often instigated by coercion from mafia members who are
usually employed as co-workers or acquaintances. Once the victim of the
propaganda realizes consciously that they are being coerced by mafia, and
they see that the mafia has the power to threaten them in one of the
profession's most respected academic journals, they are astonished at the
far-reaching power of organized crime and, thus, this tactic seeks to
psychologically undermine its audience as well as threaten them. Here are
some examples of the visual images designed to coerce, threaten and
undermine academics reading the Nature study, Evidence for early life in
Earth’s oldest hydrothermal vent precipitates:

Figure 2 is a surreptitious yet tacit extortion demand for money from
professors from the Italian mafia. The mafia wants 25% of professors
earnings implied by the image of the Canadian 25 cent coin on the rock. If
not the professors may start disappearing which is implied, well enough, by
the geologists' hammers without the accompanying geologists.
( http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v543/n7643/fig_tab/
nature21377_SF1.html ) The symbology of the hammer is also referencing

the Norse God Thor whose hammer had great powers and which is also
the first four letters of the word thorazine, a powerful anti-psychotic drug.
Thus, the implied deeper meaning of this figure is that if professors do not
give 25% of their earnings to the mafia they could disappear and that they
will have psychopaths interfering in extremely objectionable ways in their
(Figure 2)

Figure 3 ( http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v543/n7643/fig_tab/
nature21377_SF3.html ) gives us an example of just how these
psychopaths intend to adversely interfere in the lives of their academic
targets. Figure 3 is quite a provocative image due to the fact that it

resembles two liquids intermingling more than it does a rock sample. It
appears to be frothy milk mixing along with blood. Of course, milk and
blood mixing is a visual metaphor for intravenous opioid usage, thereby
implying that drug dealers will be unleashed upon the offspring of
professors who will seek to addict professors' children to powerful opioid
drugs if they do not pay protection money to the mafia. Reinforcing this
hypothesis is the fact that there is a woman's name on the top of the image
of the apparent rock it is supposed to represent. All other rock samples
(Figure 3)

shown in the study have numbers and letters, not names. As well, on the
bottom right-hand side of the image we see the word "vein". There are also,
two red circles around two tiny red holes that resemble needle punctures.
Thus, due to the provocative quality of this image it is difficult not to
conclude that it is referring to intravenous drug addiction and that the image
is designed to impress upon the observer that the mafia threatens to turn
professors' children into drug addicts if they do not pay extortion and
protection money.

Figure 4 ( http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v543/n7643/fig_tab/
nature21377_SF3.html ) is another provocative image which seeks to
convey another sly threat to science academics. In the middle of the stone
chip there appears to be a dark red portion which resembles a fetus
developing in a womb; on it is superimposed the letters: Fig.2G-H. The
letters Hg are mercury's symbol on the table of chemical elements.
Methylmercury is an organo-mettalic compound, which is synthesized and
which can cause brain damage in developing fetuses. Methylmercury can
produce a range of cerebral impairments from mild intellectual deficit, to
autism, to severe developmental disabilities depending on the dose and
length of exposure. Methylmercury is odourless and colourless and in even
just one dose of it at a concentration of 10 ppm can cause terribly
debilitating brain damage in fetuses and infants all without displaying any
overt signs of poisoning in those who have consumed it.

Echoing the themes of brain damage in this image are the letters L O to the
left side, perhaps a reference to a low IQ that the professors' offspring may
have if protection money is not forthcoming. Emphasizing this latter
interpretation is the number 82 in the centre, indeed a low numerical IQ
score. Then on the bottom of the image we see the letters and symbols,
H∅6A. Is this reference to hoax? Or does the ∅ (the not allowed symbol)
among the letters mean that the demand for protection money its not a
hoax? Or do these letters and symbols H∅6A refer to the research itself as

a hoax? Perhaps H∅6A is, in fact, the metaphorical corroboration of the
research team surreptitiously implying that the research itself is a hoax.
Perhaps H∅6A is a Freudian slip made by the research team giving away
the fact that they know they are perpetrating a serious and damaging piece
of sham research ultimately authored by organized crime. Often
subconscious guilt towards the commission of serious moral transgressions
will reveal itself in a sly manner as the Id and the Superego battle it out
between each other in the subconscious mind. Therefore, it seems that this
manifestation of letters, numbers and symbols, H∅6A, is a collective
Freudian slip on the part of the research team.
(Figure 4)

I must mention at this point that science professors are well aware of the
brain-damaging side-effects of methylmercury and have been as early as
the 1950s. In a university chemistry course I

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