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Criminal Carnage in Syria by the Criminal Cabal for Perpetual War

Since January 2011 the Syrian Arab Republic, a sovereign state with 18 million people, has
been under attack. Hundreds of thousands have died; three million have fled the country;
half the nation’s population has been displaced. The West, in particular the United States,
seeks, as seems usual, “regime change” and has enlisted the financial support of Saudi
Arabia and Qatar to get it. Turkey is the key implementer providing a staging area primarily
in the southern province of Hatay on the Syrian border. It also serves as a logistics base
affording housing, hospital support, training and a supply line across the border into Syria.
As the world and the United Nations now know, this border is porous, dangerous and
corrupt. A stream of trailer-trucks, shielded from inspection by Turkish intelligence agents,
regularly passes through the gates and disappears into this most savage war. This is the
rolling oil pipeline that finances the bestial offspring of the largely fictional “moderately
Islamic” Free Syria Army now variously known as ISID, ISIS, ISIL and/or IS. Whatever it’s
called, it’s the awful result of massive, aggressive collusion of the United States, Turkey,
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, enthusiastically supported by Jordan, a State Party signatory to the
Rome Statute and hence bound by the provisions of the Statute. These five constitute the
Criminal Cabal.1
Arab Spring, a knock-off label from Czechoslovakia’s Prague Spring of 1968, has drowned
North Africa and the Middle East in a sea of blood. Libya has failed into complete violence.
The Syrian people are on the run—millions have fled the country. The dubious “civil war” is a
full-blown catastrophe, with radical groups now attacking each other, and the most radical of
all, the Islamic State of Syria (ISIS), murdering, pillaging and beheading its way towards
Baghdad. Once thinking it could tell moderates from maniacs, once thinking it could trust the
prime minister of Turkey, America now flounders about how to nuance its the fight with its
own creation—ISIS—without helping the real objective, namely, waging a proxy (and
criminal) war of aggression using mercenaries against Syria and the duly constituted
government of President Bashar al-Assad.
This is the stupidest of quandaries, one caused by a criminal disregard for international law,
incredibly poor judgment and incredibly radical accomplices, in particular the government of
Turkey, specifically its former prime minister now president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The
other accomplices—Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan— are equally morally abject and
treacherous. It is a sordid off-key cabal, this criminal quintet, this Criminal Cabal, violating
international law with impunity. These arrogant five seem to draw their criminal strength from
the fact that, except for Jordan, none are signatories to the Rome Statute and hence
supposedly not subject to its provisions for humane behavior among law-abiding nations.
These four believe their misdeeds are outside the jurisdiction of the International Criminal
Court (ICC) and even the United Nations. These felonious four do what they please, say
what they like, incite war with their well-financed fanatical, mercenary hordes and inflict
horrendous criminal atrocities on men, women and children, to wit, humanity. And Jordan, a
signatory to the Rome Statute, betrays its promise and illegally collaborates with the Criminal
Illegal weapons support and training from a host of nations, many of them signatories to the
Rome Statute2, has spawned a monstrous, Islamic militant swarm, grown horrendously
violent on its diet of western arms and money. This fact is undeniable as will be shown and
as you may already well know. The danger is clear and present. So much so that the
monster’s benefactors now must try to destroy the monster they created. And by the usual


A State (nation) which becomes a Party to the Rome Statute accepts the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
regarding the most serious crimes afflicting the international community: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and
the crime of aggression (Rome Statute, Article 5). Obviously those State Parties who aid and abet the commission of these
crimes by nations outside ICC jurisdiction will not be held harmless nor will the non-State Party (Rome Statute, Article 12).