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Criminal Carnage in Syria by the Criminal Cabal for Perpetual War

way—high altitude bombing—guaranteed to harden the monster’s resolve and metastasize
its violent effect. All of which means that more innocent people will die. Such is what passes
for strategic thinking by the United States and its collaborators. Sadly, it is an old story. Such
is the horribly complicated nature of the Cabal’s crimes—a blowback beyond imagination.
Such is the reason for rendering this Complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The
allegations are heinous: war crimes, crimes against humanity and the ultimate international
crime, aggression, indeed an evil thing.
The United States is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, nor is Turkey, Saudi Arabia or
Qatar. Jordan is, but its criminal behavior belies its signature. The Criminal Cabal ordered
the commission of ICC statutory crimes on, in, and over the respective territories of several
ICC member nations, Jordan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, for immediate
example. Therefore, the ICC has jurisdiction over the Accused for their statutory crimes in
accordance with Rome Statute Article 12(2)(a).
Importantly, pursuant to Article 27, those accused who operate in an official capacity as
head of state, member of government or government official are neither exempt from
criminal responsibility nor enjoy any immunity whatsoever that constrains the Court’s
jurisdiction. Additionally, there is no statute of limitation regarding the prosecution of these
crimes, to wit: violations of Article 7, Crimes against humanity and Article 8, Crime of
The Accused
Listed below are the Accused nations. Principal accused are those primary malefactor
nations most responsible for the crimes committed. Names and specific charges will be
proffered later.
Principal Accused:
United States of America
Saudi Arabia

Accessory Accused:
Great Britain*

* denotes a State Party signatory to the Rome Statute.
And now onward to the details wherein the devils always reside.