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Strong College Applications: Guiding Students Through the Process

Applying for EOP:
 Once a student answers all of
the questions on the wizard,
he or she will receive a
message saying whether they
may be eligible.
 EOP applicants may use either
the SUNY application or the
Common Application, though
SUNY recommends using the
SUNY application.
 To change EOP status, call
SUNY Recruitment Response
Center (RRC) or individual
colleges. If SUNY has already
sent on the information to the
colleges, student will have to
call each college.
 Students should not apply
EOP if they are clearly not
financially eligible. The EOP
process is much longer and
slower. By the time students
are determined ineligible and
returned to the regular
admissions pool, the college
may have closed its regular
admissions process.
 Most EOP programs require
students to complete
additional forms which are
distributed after students

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