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Automates Routine tasks with ITR Feature of Text My Main Number (TMMN)

Text My Main Number (TMMN) is a unique business messaging solution which offers most user friendly
way of communication to both, businesses and customers. To brief you, Text My Main Number is a
landline texting service provider, which enables your business main landline number for 2-way
communication. By enabling your landline number, you can send and receive text messages and MMS
over your landline numbers. These text messages (SMS) and MMS can be managed and responded with
a very user friendly web based interface. The Text My Main Number: Business Messaging Solution is
built with a wide array of features which makes communication viable and automated. One of the most
important features of the Text My Main Number: Business Messaging Solution is ITR (Integrated Text
The ITR (Integrated Text Response) feature allows you to automate answering most common questions
asked by customers. To name a few:

Your office address
Your basic charges
Your website URL
Your social profiles
And other similar

Using ITR feature of Text My Main Number: Landline Texting solution, you can set predefined answers
using a user friendly interface for all common questions. Your customers can now send an SMS with
their question, which will be answered automatically by the Text My Main Number: Business
Messaging Solution. This will not only save your valuable time, but it will also help in providing better
customer service. How? Let’s see the benefits of ITR:
You set answers for predefined questions in Text My Main Number
All your customer need to do is text to your landline number to get the information. It means, now, they
don’t need to call to get a simple answer.

The Text My Main Number will respond back to the customer
This will save time of you and your customers.

Isn’t it great? To be specific, let’s take an example that a customer wants to know your address. All he
needs to do is, text “Address” to your landline number, and system will text him your address back. Yes,
this is possible for many other frequently asked questions. Want to know how? Our executives will be
more than happy to explain, please drop an email at or visit



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