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How Are Power Transformers Growing
Important - Miracle Electronics
Can you imagine life without electricity today? The answer is ‘No’. Electricity and Energy have
become the most important parts of our everyday life. All our appliances work on electricity –
TV, home theatre systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and most importantly – our mobiles
are charged because of electricity! But, along with electricity comes voltage and fluctuation
problems, because of which our appliances tend to malfunction. This is where transformers
help us! They change the alternating current from one circuit to another by electromagnetic
induction to reduce or increase the voltage of electrical equipment as required.

How are power transformers useful?
Electrical power generated in a low voltage level is very cost effective. If the voltage level is
increased, the power current is reduced which reduces the ohmic loss, cross-sectional area of
the conductor and the capital cost of the system, while improving the voltage regulation. Thus,
low level power must be stepped up for efficient electrical power transmission by a step-up
transformer at the sending side of the power system network. Similarly, because high voltage
cannot be distributed to the consumers directly, it must be stepped down at the receiving end
by a step-down transformer. Where the ratio between high voltage and less voltage is less than
2, auto transformers are used; and where the ratio is greater than two, two-winding
transformers are used.

How do power transformers play a role in the industry?
Power transformers have created a great difference in our lives and are used in several power
operated systems available in the market today. With the increasing demand for electrically
operated systems, the manufacture of power transformers in India is on the rise. Today, major
industrial units are looking forward to increase the capacity of power transformers. Leading
industries are coming up with better manufacturing ideas and innovative concepts, keeping in
mind the modern business demands, and making sure that the electromagnetic requirements
and compatibility factors are met with.

What are the electrical components used with a power transformer?

Electrical contacts are electrical components used to stop electricity flow by interrupting
the current from one end to the other. They are available for high voltage, medium
current and low current devices.
The circuit breaker is an electrical switch that automatically turns off or interrupts a
circuit damage caused by high voltage. Unlike a fuse, circuit breakers can be reset
manually or automatically to resume normal operation.
Ferrite Bead Coils are a chief component of an electronic device. They help reduce the
intensity of noise that originates from electronic circuits.

Miracle Electronics, a leading transformer manufacturer in India, design their power
transformers to provide the highest level of safety by regulating and stepping down voltages to
the required levels. Their innate design allows the flawless use of circuits that are independent
of the power or lighting grounds. Miracle’s power transformers are RoHS compliant, reach
compliant and are available with CE and UL marks. You can also approach them for custom
design and development of the best power transformers in India.

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