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terms is not meant to imply that this book is an Eckankar product for advertising or
other commercial purposes.
This book is a part of the holy scriptures of VARDANKAR and is hereby
considered to be a Bible. In order to practice his or her spiritual path the
VARDANist uses this holy book. Any copyright claims will be limited in total
damages to a maximum dollar value of any profit if derived, that ICF of Bangladesh
or its agents or subsidiaries derive from the sale of this book. Any attempt to collect
any more than this amount will be deemed Religious Persecution and or suppression
and subject to the laws regarding attempts to suppress or prevent the practice of
VARDANKAR and or to religiously prosecute VARDANKAR and the individuals
who practice VARDANKAR and or ICF of Bangladesh and any or all of its
members. We claim any and all rights and give up no rights under the Unified
Commercial Code, US Constitution, Bill of Rights and any other protections. We
claim all rights and give up no rights under the Unified Commercial code in
particular UCC 1-308.
All the contents of this book are under the protection of Section 107 of the US
Copyright Law. Under the “fair use” rule of copyright law, an author may make
limited use of another author’s work for purposes of criticism and comment such as
quoting or excerpting a work in review or criticism for purposes of illustration or
comment. There are also provisions for education, teaching and research, among
others. WARNING- 17 U.S.C. S 515 (F) Provides penalties for the deliberate
misrepresentation of copyright infringement. The Authors of this book believe in
good faith that it constitutes fair use as per 17 U.S.C. S 515 (F). Persons/ agencies
filing a false or frivolous DMCA complaint may be subject to civil liability. The
Authors also maintain this book is protected under freedom of religion, freedom of
speech, freedom of the press, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the
UCC. We reserve all rights under UCC 1-308 Reservation of Rights.
ICF of Bangladesh also claims all protections under international law including but
not limited to Bangladeshi law.
If any portion of these statements is, or becomes, invalid under law, the rest of
the remaining statements shall remain in full force and effect. All rights are reserved
under UCC 1-308 Reservation of Rights.