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To those who would like to survive a zombie apocalypse,
Preparing for a zombie apocalypse is very important.
You may find yourself trapped inside a building, not certain
how to get out. With only your trusty blaster (or socks, or
nothing), you will be able to bust yourself out of any sticky
situation (or at least die trying)!
The blasters featured in this guide are hand-picked by
“experts” from HvZ Core for being both inexpensive
and good for your survival. They all can be found on
Amazon and most can also be found at places like
Walmart and Target. Keep in mind that the most
important thing isn’t which blaster you have, but how you
use it.
And as always, remember that the points don’t matter,
just like Nerf continuing to sell the Stryfe.
HvZ Core


Price: $13-16
The Hammershot is a small, lightweight blaster and a
favorite of Core. It is very easy to hold and fire; you just
pull down on the orange lever and then pull the trigger.
Because of its design, you only need one hand to fire,
enabling you to use your other hand for another blaster or
to open doors. It also fires very well, with good range and
accuracy. The one major downside to the Hammershot is
that it only can hold 5 darts at a time, so you’ll need to use
your darts wisely. Also, it is harder to fire (but not
impossible) if you have smaller hands.


Price: $9-13
The Strongarm is an inexpensive, easy to fire blaster with
decent firing speed. It is also more compatible with people
of any hand size. It also contains one more dart than the
Hammershot. However, it does not fire as fast/far as the
Hammershot and you need to use two hands to operate it.

Nerf Rough Cut 2x4

Price: $20-25
The Rough Cut is able to fire either one or two darts at a
time. You can pull the trigger back fully to fire two or
halfway to fire one. Because of the multi-firing, you can
take out multiple zombies with less shots. It is a bit of a
reach to prime it and it’s a little more expensive than other
blasters of its size, but the Rough Cut is a great blaster if
you want to get serious about zombie hunting.

Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red

Price: $14-20
The Rapid Red is a semiautomatic blaster, so you don’t
need to prime it in order to fire. It has a rev trigger to hold
down to run the motors and a trigger to fire. It has a very
quick rate of fire and only requires one hand. It also uses
magazines, so it’s easy to load quickly. Because of its
small handle, it’s very good for those with small hands, but
if your hands are larger it may be hard to hold. It also
requires four AA batteries (not included). If you can find
one at the lower end of its price range, it’s worth a buy.
Plus, the darts come with secret messages!

Nerf Rival Apollo

Price: $19-24
The Apollo is the least expensive blaster in the Nerf Rival
line, a series of blasters that fire little balls called High
Impact Rounds. To fire the blaster simply pull back the
black handle on top and pull the trigger. It has an
incredible range and a decent rate of fire, enabling you to
take out zombies at a distance. The main drawback of the
Rival series is the High Impact Rounds; while they fire
very well, they get lost easily since they roll away. Make
sure to get a bunch of extra ones.
Note: No internal modifications are allowed for any blaster
in the Rival series.

Buzzbee Air Warriors Reaper

Price: $12-15
Buzzbee isn’t as well-known of a brand as Nerf, but they
still make some solid blasters. The Reaper can hit pretty
hard, especially for its price. It also comes standard with
an 8-round magazine. It may be a little hard to find at a
store, but should be easily accessible on Amazon.

Sock Ninja

Price: Replacing two socks
Carrying nothing but socks can be a pretty good strategy.
Socks are a lot more accurate in close range than a
blaster, plus you don’t have a big flashy blaster attracting
attention to you. You also can use socks while standing in
a door. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to do a bit more
running and you’ll need to use your limited amount of
socks wisely.

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