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ISSUE #7 09/30/17

Marvel’s failed experiment on
replacing fan favorite characters
ends in disaster.

Giant liar Bleeding Cool takes
massive potshot at comic book
fans while pandering to SocJus.

About census characteristics
Census characteristics, or anything else than your character,
actions, accomplishments is irrelevant, or should be. The
best system known to mankind is the meritocracy, in it
people are judged only on their merits and not on their race,
sex, etc.
Any system that judges people on those characteristics is
inherently a bigoted system, and only bigoted people should
propose and/or defend such systems. Yet, in current year
(and for some time now), we have a ton of self appointed
moral judges and beacons doing exactly that, defending
bigoted systems because said systems are bigoted towards a
certain group only.
Lets examine how these systems work : First you define
boxes and then you proceed to put people in them, then if an
individual in one of those boxes is in the wrong one
advantages and benefits are denied to said person. Shall we
see a real life example?
The time was 1920, the place Germany, the NAZI party
published their 25 points manifesto, in which they declared
their intentions to segregate Jews form the “Aryan” society
and to abrogate their political, legal and civil rights.
Then, in 1933 they got into power and started to put into
practice what they had promised. They managed to convince
the German people by putting the blame of everything at the
feet of the Jews, what the NAZIs termed the “Jew Question”,
we all know what the final solution was.
Now, for more than a decade we have been seeing certain
groups do exactly that but with a different group of people :
Whites, then they got more specific and said white males,
then it was white straight males, and now they even have a
pejorative term for anyone not in the in-group cis. So white,
straight, cis males are to blame for everything.


From slavery over a 100 years removed to the bad grades and
lack of accomplishments in any aspect of the lives of those in
the in-group.
The same in-group that keeps asking for more discrimination,
and disguises it as “affirmative action” as “positive
discrimination”. But you can’t discriminate in favor of
someone without discriminating against someone.
If you’re hiring on the basis of sex you must discriminate on
the same basis. So you are discriminating against someone
because of their sex, and the same applies to any other
census characteristic. This seems unfair, Illiberal, and illegal.
Yet, if you discriminate on the basis of qualification, then any
census characteristic is dismissed and you are being fair
since you hired the best person for the job.
Based on this I and many others that follow the principles of
the illustration, the liberal principles argue against
discrimination based on any census characteristic, we
believe this characteristics don’t determine your ability, or
value in any way shape or form.
And yet, some dare say WE are bigots for refusing to judge
people on things they can not change, they call us racists,
sexists, homophobic and every single ism under the sun.
Paraphrasing the late and great MLK Jr “I dream of the day
when our children will not be judged on characteristics they
can not change but on the content of their characters and the
volume of their achievements”.
Us geeks have always been strong supporters of the
meritocratic system, hence our strong opposition to anything
that smells of nepotism and/or discrimination, since we have
been unjustly discriminated we don’t do the same and stand
in defense of the underdog.


ISSUE #7 09/30/17



Marvel’s failed experiment on
replacing fan favorite characters
ends in disaster.

Giant liar Bleeding Cool takes
massive potshot at comic book
fans while pandering to SocJus.

What we do care about
We care about talent, to us Barbara Kesel is just as important
as her husband Karl, the same with Louise Simonson and her
husband Walt. Just a couple of examples of great women
who have contributed to the comics industry over the years.
Then we have people like Dwayne McDuffie, (3 times nominated
to the Eisner, creator of Static Shock, writer & producer of JLU &
Ben 10 & founder of Milestone comics together with : ) Denys
Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T. Dingle.

So, no, we don’t judge creators based on their census
characteristics, we judge them based on their talent and
character. If one of them were to say he wanted to beat Jews,
muslims, blacks, women etc with a baseball bat we would
jump to say that’s bigoted, and wouldn’t look at the sex, race,
etc of the bigot.
Yet some in the industry seem to think we should take that in
to consideration, that or they believe that saying you want to
beat people from X demographic with a baseball bat is okey,
as long as group X is white straight cis people.
We don’t care about your race, we don’t care about your sex,
we don’t care about who you decide to bump uglies with and
we don’t care about your religion or any other census
And we would be really glad if you stooped judging people
based on those characteristics. I’m latino, born, breed and
living in México, what do you really know about me? Can you
tell if I’m good people? Can you know anything about me
other than my country of origin and that I’m probably not
Some of my fellow and buddies are black Americans, both
male and female, do you know anything about them? Can you
tell what they think about anything? Do you know they aren’t
black supremacists?


Some are white men and women, some atheists, some
catholics, some are from Thailand and some from Europe or
Australia, what do you know about them? Nothing, you don’t
know if any is a bigot or not, you can’t know, because their
sex, race, country of origin doesn’t determine such things.
So when you judge them on those basis, or when you dare
say all the critics of X book or person must belong to X
group, you are lying to yourself and to others, because
having X census characteristic doesn’t make you a good or
bad person, because people of very different races, religions,
countries, sexual orientations and sex can an do think alike
while disagreeing with people from the same census group.
And we don’t judge fans in anything else than in their
knowledge of the hobbies, the same goes fro critics, if you’re
planing on writing, starting a youtube channel about one of
our hobbies, you better make sure you know what you’re
talking about, because we will notice if you don’t, and we will
call you out on it.
And yet, if someone harasses, threatens you, then please go
to the authorities and if you want us backing you up then
show us some proof, we do not operate on faith, these are
serious charges and should be threated as such.
After all, you wouldn’t want us spreading any rumor about an
innocent person would you?
In closing, if you want respect show respect, if you want to be
threated gently be gentle, follow the golden rule to be
succinct. Do unto others as you would have them do unto
And please, can we talk comics and not politics or about your


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