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Marvel’s failed experiment on
replacing fan favorite characters
ends in disaster.

ISSUE #10 10/01/17

Giant liar Bleeding Cool takes
massive potshot at comic book
fans while pandering to SocJus.

Right wing puritans then :
Comics are going to make your children gay

Left wing puritans now:
Comics are going to make your children Homophobic, racist,
sexist bigots

D&D Teaches your kids to be satanists
D&D Teaches your kids to be homophobic, racist, sexist bigots
Video Games teach tour kids to become : Assassins, hackers,
mass murderers

Video Games teach your kids to become : Homophobic, racist,
sexist bigots

Rock music is from the devil, it makes teens into delinquents
And a long etcetera, we fought them then with the help of the
left wing, we won, because there’s no scientific evidence to
substantiate those claims and scientific studies conducted in
fact show zero causality between the consumption of that
media and the charges being made.
What the right wing puritans wanted was control of our
entertainment, to be able to censor it and to dictate to us what
we could and couldn’t see, read, listen, play, etc. In order to
get this power over us and our hobbies they lied about our
entertainment and about us, they said we were antisocial,
eternal virgins living in our mom’s basement.
We fought them tooth and nail and we won, for a short period
of time nobody paid any attention to the likes of Fredric
Wertham or Jack Thompson. And we grew complacent we were
happy, our hobbies and communities were safe and everything
was good.
We didn’t pay attention to the doomsayers when a different
kind of Dragon started to rise it’s head, we welcomed them in
our midst, in our forums and in our press, the Dragons were
outliers, crazy people and nobody would listen to them, after
all we had won the battle against the puritans, we had killed
the Dragon and these seemed (at the time) just garden lizards.
So the time passed and small changes started taking place, an
article here and there not many and not that often, talking
about the horrible place our communities were, how they were
filled with terrible bad people, people that hated, just hated
women, gays, etc. Some raised their voice in warning, a clarion
call to alert, to guard the gates, to protect our villages, but we
were not paying attention, we either called them bigots or
dismissed them as paranoids who saw monsters under their
beds, what harm could do some simple changes, some very
reasonable codes of conduct?


Rock music is from the devil, it makes Homophobic, racist,
sexist bigots
And we find ourselves in the trenches again, fighting puritans,
of the left persuasion this time.
Like the time before they have the press both Mainstream and
Specialized on their side, and we have nothing, we have just
our voices in the web, we have only one another and our blogs,
Youtube channels and Twitter accounts.
Unlike the time before they know very well how to derail the
discussion with accusations of homophobia, racism, sexism and
general bigotry, but just like the time before they
underestimate us, they didn’t take into account that the same
internet that allows them to spread their lies so fast and far
away, allows us to do research, to connect with each other and
to present a united front.
Our fellow geeks that had the bad taste to choose to be born
white, heterosexual males are the primary target, the puritans
claim that we geeks of the minority persuasion don’t exist, that
we never were allowed here, not before their White Saviour
armored selves fought for our right to be geeks.
The puritans claim there were no minorities either in the staff
and in the medium itself as characters, that we hate “diversity”
and by this they distract from the gender bending, race
swapping of the classic characters by some creators of some
publishers instead of creating new characters.
And so we find ourselves fighting the same fight, in a different
era with all of geekdom under attack. Will we join forces and
prevail or will we fight alone and die?
This is a call to arms, for unity, for all geeks to present a united
front with our brothers and sisters in the rock and punk
communities against the puritans.


ISSUE #10 10/01/17



Marvel’s failed experiment on
replacing fan favorite characters
ends in disaster.

Giant liar Bleeding Cool takes
massive potshot at comic book
fans while pandering to SocJus.

What and what not to do.
Do criticize the work and the treatment of fans by creators.
Don’t talk about their sex, sexuality, race, etc. this
characteristics are irrelevant.
Do talk to other fans about the problems in geekdom.
Don’t contact creators since that can be easily presented as
Do boicot the companies that mistreat you, after all you are
the consumer, they are not entitled to your money.

Don’t let them use a tu qoque fallacy to deviate the
conversation. And don’t use it yourself.
Do demand they conform to the exact same standards they
wish to impose on others, this includes reporting them to
Twitter, Youtube, etc for violating the TOS.
Don’t ever let them catch you in a bad day, if you’re already
angry or out of sorts let the battle fro another day.
Do support your fellow geeks and members of the other
communities under attack by this new batch of puritans.

Don’t condone the harassment of anyone on either side.
Do demand to see evidence when asked to denounce person
X or to report them.

Don’t ever fall prey to tribalism and be ready to recognize
when someone on our side is out of line.

Don’t let them make you feel guilt for things you didn’t do
just because of your census characteristics.

Do keep on pressing about why they can’t create new
characters and give them the examples I will compile in this
same issue.

Do denounce bigotry wherever you see them, be it among
fans, creators or the press.

Don’t let them conflate our complaints with bigotry in any
form, we don’t hate diversity.

Don’t let them make you angry and so say something that
could be used against you.

Do hammer them with the examples of characters from the
minorities they claim to represent.

Do stay on topic and discuss how we can win.
Don’t let them conflate words with violence.

Don’t let the bigot charges faze you, they use them so much
and for so many minuscule things almost nobody takes them
seriously anymore.

Do denounce violence or the threat of it no matter what side it
comes from.

Do keep on hammering why they insist they represent us
geeks of the minority persuasion.

Don’t insult them ever, period.

Don’t let them use you (if you are a member of a minority) as
a shield and weapon against our fellow geeks and the

Do demand they explain why threats of violence (by their
side) documented are not denounced by them and stay on
topic until they do.

Do “Live long and prosper” my fellow geeks.

And for the love of God, “DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!”



ISSUE #10 10/01/17



Marvel’s failed experiment on
replacing fan favorite characters
ends in disaster.

Giant liar Bleeding Cool takes
massive potshot at comic book
fans while pandering to SocJus.

Arm yourself with facts
There were women in the comic industry since the beginning, here an incomplete list of women in comics since 1897
Here you can find about a titan of the industry, who founded her own company and managed to sell millions of issues per
month and to own the printing rights of Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse for México and LatinAmerica.
People from all over the world have and do work in the comic industry
Yes even in the USA there’s not a lack of non white people working in the industry
For the “we need to make your favorite character a woman because “diversity” and “representation” crowd “
For the “We need to turn your favorite character gay, trans, etc because “diversity” and “representation” crowd”
For the “We need to make your favorite character black because “diversity” and “representation” crowd”
For the latino branch
For the Asian branch
If any minority lacks representation it’s the people with disabilities
I would be very grateful if someone with better knowledge of the other fandoms compiled a similar list and sent it to me so I
can include it in a revised version of the present article.

Remember not to feed the trolls
And live long and prosper
Eduardo López with love from México #NotYourShield



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