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Deputy Commissioner has been empowered to outlaw incendiary speech, control entry into a district,
and, whenever exigencies demand, order preventive detentions.
The chairmanship by the Deputy Commissioner of the District Development Committee, DDC, bears
testimony to the primacy of his role in the unfolding of developmental work in the district. Not only
does the Deputy Commissioner adeptly guide the deliberations of the DDC, he also issues the
‘administrative approval’ of the developmental work envisaged by the DDC. Another attribute of the
service of the Deputy Commissioner is his occupation as the Principal Accounting Officer of the
District Government, whereby he ensures financial propriety, and acts as an indispensable safeguard
against unqualified corruption and financial malpractice.
The justification for the existence of the government is its unwavering pledge to the relentless
service of the citizenry. Drawing eclectically from a plurality of capacities in a district, the Deputy
Commissioner assists the provincial government in standing true to the pledge which is at the very
roots of its being!
This yearly progress report is merely a summary glance into the intricacies and nuances that are
brought along by the heavy burden that presents itself in world of administration, steered under the
tutelage of the DC. Never has the adage, ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown’, rung truer.