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GCTC rrembers were joined by 14
bers frorn the Cenffal Florida Metal
tecting Club on Sunday, March 23'd to

t at Canp Oklawaha with special
ission and covered by our liability

poiicy. Stacey I)elucia, Joy
lair, Linda Bennett, Karen Larson,

ail and Steve Hoskins spent the weekend to
extra hunting in the area or to visit the Mel
sher Treasure Museum. An overall total of
00 coins were found. 5 silver dimes and
silver half dollar were dug up plus 15
heat pennies. Most coins found were by
ichard Zabriskie (of course) 744, John
in 128 and Erik Kristensen with 122
ost dollar amount found was by Irving
th with $8.16. Silver dimes were located
Jason Petenbrinli, Stacey Delucia and
Kristensen from otr club and Gene
la, Roland Davis and Frank Rothery
the Central Florida club. 27 Boy Scout
ms were found plus a collection of the
ua1 tent stakes, spent cartridges, bullets,
ers, etc. Roland Davis found the best
gle item, an Eagle Scout charm. Stacey
Lucia had probably the best find, a 10K
ld ring. Silver rings were found by John
in, Roland Davis and AI Mills.
ren Larson found an al_rnost new looking
ver knife. Some foreign coins were also
g up. Although the literature indicated that
s camp was established in 1978, it has
tually been used by the scouts since 1950
we a.re looking forward to expioring it

hen hunting a park or a playground always check
und the bases of the trees. This is where folks sit
watch their kids and the kids like to sit there too
lean against the rree. (And stufffalls out of their

27 members participated in the hunt/picnic on March
9il' at Jupiter Beach. 1.J,|797 dimes, 80 quarters, 15
half dollars and 10 silver dollars were found! Three
replicas of Spanish gold coins (donated by Rechant,s
Coins) were planted to make the finders have an
irregular heart beat.
Finders of the numbered prize tokens selected an
envelope which had the prize listed. Silver Eagte
2003 silver dollars: James Wilhelm, Rose
Rubright, Joy StCIair, Ben Smith and John
Lobota (2). Silver Spanish coin replicas (donated by
Bob Weller) Jason Petenbrink, Karen Larson,
Richard Zabriski, Doug Wolfmueller. I az. silver

bars: Karen Larson, Jack Petenbrintr, Richard
Zabriskie and James Wilhelm (Z). Official treasure
coin replica of the Atocha: Richard Zabriskie.
FMDAC silver round dorutted by the SE Council:
Jason Petenbrink. The top prize of a 2001 9-11
Memorial silver round and a silver Eagle dollar went
unclaimed even with the hunters going back to the
search area to try and find the prize tokens. The
Booby prize of a talking parrot in a cage went to
Jack Petenbrink. Very special thanks go to Gail
Hoskins for helping with the planning and shopping.
Also thanks to Richard Zabriskie for meeting with
Linda before sunrise to help set up the hunt field and
picnic area.

A gentleman, fresh out of gift ideas, bought his
mother-in-law a large plot in an expensive cemetery.
On her next birthday he gave her nothing. She was
quick to comment loud and long on his
thoughtlessness. The gentleman only said one thing:
"Well, you haven't used the gift I gave you last year"
We must never forget the main purpose
of our club.

"Keep it simple and make it fun!"

Because of many factors that have come up the
officers are recommending that our members opt out
of renewing their membership in the National
Federation of Metal Detecting and Archaeology
Clubs. See any officer for details.