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It will be at Lake Worth beach at 7.30 AM o
Saturday, Jan. 25rh. Come early and enjoy t

about forgotten areas that perhaps we can hunt in the

beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean! We wi
meet at the picnic tables ar the top of the hill. Hu
the picnic area or the beach. Don't forget to brin
quarters to fbed the parking meters. (Or find them
the beach) Sulprises? Come and find out!
The hunt in February hasn't been frnalized yet
the officers are now trying to set up a date in
to hunt the Boy Scout camp in Sebastion.

Sue Comertirrd, a local school teacher and an
outstanding member of the Palm Beach County
Historical Societl', will present a slide show on some
of the little knovvn facts about the history of Palm
Beach County. lt'his will be a help for us to learrr

Don't forget to bring things for the "free" table


start saving more valuable items to be donated for our
annual Chinese arrction in March. Dues are duel

tom1d ocean irnages
'Ihe lVashington Post


The images appear slowly on
.he video screerr, like ghosts from the ocean
..1oor The videotape, made by an unmanned

,;ubmarine, shows massive stones in oddly
lymmetrical square and pyramid shapes in
,he deep-sea darkness.
Sonar irnages taken Irom a research ship
2,000 feet above are even more puzzlitg.They
;howthat.the smooth, white stones are laicl out
In a geometric pattern. The images look like
.Lragments of a city, in a piace where uothing
.rrau-made should exist, spanning nearly eight
.quare rniles of a deep-ocean plain off Cuba's
rirestern tip.
'lNhat we have here is a mystery" said
Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Cotrnunications, a Canadian corlpany that is
napping the ocean bottom of Cuba's territorial waters under contract with the governuenr of Fresident Fidel Castro.
"Nature couidnt have built anything so
syrnmetrical," Weinzweig said, running his
linger over sonar printouts aboard his ship,
lied up atawharf in Havanaharbor. 'This isn't
natural, but we don't know what it is."
The company's main mission is to hunt for
shipwreclis filled with gold and jewels, and to
locate potentially lucrative oil and natural gas
reserves in deep water that Cuba does not
have the rneans to explore.
Tieasure hunting has become a growth
industry in recent years as technology has
irnproved. allowing rrore precise exploration
and easier recoyery from deeper ocean sites.
SHOIILD CELBRATE? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 7

off Cuba be Atlantis?
Advanced Digital operates trom the Ulises, a
260-foot trawler that was converted to a research vessel for Castro's government by the
late French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.
Since they began exploration three yearq
ago with sophisticated side-scan sonar aud
computerized global-positioning ecluipment,
Weinzweig said they have mapped severai
large oii and gas deposits and about 20 ship
wrecks sitling beneath anciert shipping lanes
where hundreds of old wrecks are believed to
be resting. The most historically important so
far has been the USS Maine, which exploded
and sank in l{avana harbor in 1898, an event
that ignited the Spanish-American War:
I*1972, the ship was raised trom the harborfloor bythe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ard towed out into deeper water fbur miles
from the Cuban shore, where it was scuttled.
Strong currents carried the lVlaine away frorn
the site, and its precise location remained
unknown until Ulises' sonar spotled it two
years ago.
Then, by sheer serendipily, on a summer
tlay in 2AAA, as the Uiises was iowing its sonar
back and forth across the ocean like someone
mowing a lawn, the unexpected rock formations appeared on the sonar readouts. That
startled Wbinzweig and his partner and wife,
Paulina Zelitsky, a Russian-born engineer.
The discovery immediately sparked
speculation aboutAtlantis, the fabled lost city
first described by Plato in 360 BC. Weinzweig
and Zelitsky were careful not to use the A
word and said that more study was needed
before a conclusion could be reached.
The tall tales table will resume at this meeting,
Please bring finds found during the
months of November and December.