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April birthday celebrants Karen Larson and Jerry
Turner received a silver quarter for attending the
meeting during their birthday month.

Trent Bowen (5/8)
Louis Brozyna (5/2)
Barbara Dobski (5/13)
John Lobota (5/14)
Maryanne Lubinski (5/31)
Nancy Stephens (5/27)
Kazhie Zabriskie (5/27)
Come to a meeting during your birthday month and
you will receive a gift of a silver quarter!
Certificates and Metal Detector Pin
Presented for Items Returned to their
Rightful Owner
Diamond Ring – Phil Hujar
Purse – Jan Smirnow
Phillip Hujar – “The best find ever, a beautiful gold
ring with diamonds, had it for 2 to 3 minutes, when the
owner and friends showed up!”

Jan Smirnow – Fort Lauderdale beach, white purse
returned to owner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Phil Hujar received a metal detector pin and certificate
for his first returned item as a club member. Jan
Smirnow is a frequent flyer and received a certificate.

The April Meeting of GCTC was attended by 30
members and a guest of Jeff Foss, David Raynor of New
York. It was apparent that our snowbird members have
flown North. We hope everyone has safely arrived and
want you all to know we will miss you! Club cards are
available at all meetings. Help yourself, write your

name on the back and give to friends, lifeguards and
people you meet on the beach. Betty and Jerry Laur
furnished the refreshments in April and if you missed the
meeting you missed the great brownies!
April’s program was and informative meeting put on by
several of our good hunters. The theme was “what I take
on my hunts”.
Bob Dobski displayed his gear for water hunting. He
said that he likes all phases of metal detecting. He
cautioned club members about sealing up for water
detecting due to sea lice this time of the year. “Use the
spray for zippers and boots and use the Sea ray shuffle
and be sure to wear gloves. Wear a strap to hold your
glasses on your head and pay particular attention to your
scoop.” He had his scoop modified by Bill Babbs.
Kurt Herring suggested fastening a light stick to your
detector at the coil for use in murky water and to try to
prepare a checklist before hunting.
John Lobota talked about his favorite subject “relic
hunting”. He recommended, “Always carry more than
you need.” He recommended a root saw, canvas, back
pack, spare food, can opener, change of clothes, pill
containers (to protect special small finds), a pocket
flashlight, water, tool kit, Electrolyte packets, plastic
envelopes, writing pad with a pen, digging tools and last
but not least a Garmin GPS. He cautioned everyone to
“always think ahead.”
Cheryl Petenbrink wheeled in a suitcase! She keeps it
in the car as a ready bag with everything she could
possibly need! She demonstrated her handmade belt
bag. She carries her probe, knife and digger in that bag
concealed very well. In her suitcase are such items as
“press n seal”, batteries, extra scoop, zipper bags for
odds and ends, headlight, cover for the control box on
the detector, hat, suntan lotion, First Aid kit, gloves, a
two liter beverage holding backpack for summer days
and for collecting sea shells.
Stacey deLucia added, “Knife, rain pouch, club towel
and scarf. comes in handy.” Also, carry extra nylon
screw for the coil to attach to the foot of the detector and
duck tape to repair the shaft when broken.
Gail Hoskins mentioned raingear in small pouch,
Stingeze for bee stings or fire ants, cell phone, whistle,
magnifying glass, liquid soap and paper towels.
Jan Smirnow said that bar laundry soap works well
against sea lice. “Keep it in the shower and wash from
head to toe after a hunt with it.” Cheryl Petenbrink
said buy Fels Napa Laundry Bar, it really works against
sea lice.
Jerry Laur suggested carrying two-way radios. He also
wears a vest with pockets and club logo.
Gary Delrosal suggested digging the last part of a find
with a plastic scoop to avoid damaging the find.