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Vice President Stacey deLucia officiated the June
meeting because President Ernie Bouyoucas was out of
town (see “Have Detector, Will Travel”). Five guests and
a new member, Joannie Bracco, were welcomed. Stacey
was successful in selling the Nordic Track that was
donated by Paul Hamlin. $50 was added to the treasury.
Thanks, Paul and Stacey!
Mike McMorrow of the Palm Beach Beach Patrol
gave a talk on beach hazards. He brought informational
pamphlets on Sea Lice and rip currents. Rip currents were
discussed in depth with up-to-date details given about the
problems encountered during this past Memorial Day. He
said the things to remember if you are caught in a rip
current is to not panic, signal with your arm for help and
flow with the current until you do not feel any pull, then
swim back to shore.
For painful Man O’ War stings – use Benadryl and
meat tenderizer. Also, Benadryl will help with Sea Lice.
When you are in the water with Sea Lice present, “wear as
little clothing as possible; the parasite likes tight fitting
places, and one of the life guards I know uses baby oil to
help defray the parasites.”
Mike fielded many questions from the members
regarding sharks, saying “It is more dangerous crossing
the streets.” His presentation related several stories of his
experience as a professional life guard – it was a very
informative program.
Guests Jason Innes and Jon Consiglio of the
Lantana’s Batteries Plus Store donated a light that
attaches to hat visors and 24 double AA batteries for the
club’s raffle. They spoke to the members about batteries
and a free service they do for rechargeable batteries.
Their equipment can recondition rechargeable batteries in
a three-cycle analysis that takes 24 hours. The process
erases the memory, will take the discharge down far
enough to allow the battery to be recharged to its fullest
potential, and will indicate the retention value of the
battery (i.e. 75% charging retention etc). They further
advised that when using household wireless phones, take
them off the cradle during the daytime, then at night
replace them on the cradle. This will allow the phone to
hold a charge longer. Batteries Plus promised to donate
items on a regular basis, so please be sure to patronize our
sponsor. Batteries Plus is located at 6250 Lantana Road,
Suite 1 (behind the Outback Steak House).
Thanks to Nikolay Malchev for volunteering to
provide the refreshments and to Stacey deLucia for the
Mystery Item. Also thanks to Donna Russo for providing
a contact for our speaker for the August meeting.
If you find a cell phone that is in fair to good condition
but has a dead battery – call Jim Sharp at 561-966-6986.
Jim has all kinds of chargers and will do his best to help
you return the phone.


Certificate presented for returning an item to its
rightful owner
Cheryl Petenbrink – Keys
Bob Smirnow – Cell Phone
Bob Smirnow – Class Ring
Jan Smirnow – Cell Phone
Jan Smirnow – Class Ring
We recognize members who go out of their way to provide
selfless service to our community. Kudos to you for
advancing our hobby by returning items to their owners!

June birthday celebrants Paul Hamlin and Ken
Lubinski received a silver quarter for attending the
meeting during their birthday month. Happy Birthday!

Gerard Beaulieu (7/12)
Linda Bennett (7/23)
Janet Felton (7/11)
Betty Laur (7/23)
Tammy Lobota (7/27)
Kevin Reilly (7/19)
Ben Smith (7/5)
Harry Sommers (7/26)
Richard Zabriskie (7/7)
What do the above people have in common? If they come
to the meeting during their birthday month, they each will
receive a gift of a silver quarter!

Thank you to Jon Consiglio of Batteries Plus for the
donation of a visor light and a 24-pack of AA batteries.
Batteries Plus is located at 6250 Lantana Road, Suite 1.

Paul Hamlin – “Last month there was talk about
cigarette packages, well I dug one up at South Beach and
low and behold, inside was a driver’s license and a $10