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September’s meeting started off with a presidential
greeting to 35 members, two guests and new member Jose
Paredes. Welcome Jose!
Our program, “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,”
started with President Ernie Bouyoucas telling about his
vacation in Virginia, where he did some legal Civil War
hunting. Ernie reported that he found lots of shotgun
shells, a few musket and pistol balls, and lots of “ticks,
gnats and barbwire!” According to Ernie, “The really neat
part of finding Civil War Relics is being the first to handle
the items since the combatant!” Later he and his wife,
Sharon, were traveling in the Biloxi, Mississippi area
when he noticed flashing lights gaining on him. A bit
unnerved, he pulled over only to find out they were not
chasing him; but were just a caravan of State Troopers,
black limos and more State Troopers. “It was President
Bush’s motorcade heading to New Orleans!” Not to be
intimidated, Ernie joined the caravan for about ten miles.
Jim Sharp, who serves as Director of Security for The
Breaker’s Hotel, reported that while cleaning up stuff
from the year 2000 he tripped over two five-gallon
buckets of coins in the storage area. Turns out the coins
had been collected from 1995 to 2000 from the hotel’s
fountain. He tried to donate the coins, but several charities
refused them, due to the fact that “they had been in
water.” Jim is now busy cleaning the coins for charity!
Frank Nash and his family did an RV trip last year.
Pauline managed to collect a five-gallon bucket of pennies
from Alabama to Phoenix for a total of $100! Good Work
Paul Hamlin – our money man, found a leather
bracelet with a $100 bill hidden inside! Paul and Marjorie
traveled by van from Florida to Ohio, stopping along the
way to collect shells (for their store) and to do a little
metal detecting. First stop was Ivy Island off the coast of
Georgia. Paul headed for the beach down the sandy path
and right off the bat found an 18K pendent with 19
diamonds! After really putting a lot of effort into
searching for the chain, he only found 2 junk rings. The
beach filled up, so he had to continue the trip – but he
promised himself “I will go back.” Paul reports that he
had always wanted to hunt Dr. Sam Sheppard’s home
(behind it) and he finally did. Result? Paul found an
unbelievable amount of shotgun shells, a platinum ring,
his first watch and a small gold ring. Sounded like
Marjorie and Paul had a great trip!
John Lobota – went to visit with club members
Gerard and Geri Beaulieu in New Foundland. John said
“Plan a detecting vacation! It is a great way to have fun
and find interesting things.” He and Gerard camped out on
a deserted island for five days metal detecting. They
found a lot of 1800’s coins and took great pictures of
whales and icebergs.
Stacey deLucia – combined a visit with her brother,
Mike in Virginia Beach, and metal detecting. “We got up

in the middle of the night for low tide hunting each of the
five days I was there. We got to the beach as early as 1
a.m. Didn’t find anything good until the final day when I
found a plain silver ring, but I did capture photos of the
most beautiful sunrises! Had a great time riding with my
brother on his motorcycle and I must admit I was scared at
first – but before long, I really wanted to speed! Wouldn’t
you know it, soon after I got home to West Palm I went to
a local beach and my very first beep and in my first scoop
was a 14k gold chain with a medallion!”

Good girl gone bad! Stacey shows off shoulder tattoo!
Treasurer Ken Lubinski asked the members to start
bringing in their pulltabs. We will donate them to the
Ronald McDonald House, but first we have a special
project coming up with them. So help clean up the beach
and pick up those pulltabs!
Frank and Pauline Nash provided a great refreshment
feast with fried chicken, potato salad, cheese cake and
chocolate cake. Thanks, guys!
Ben Smith won the current raffle items: an $80 pin
pointer; $30 soil digger; a $20 plastic scoop and a $25
certificate to the Juno Beach Fish House.
September birthday celebrants Ernie Bouyoucas, Sam
Frost, Jonathan Lobota and Gary Spiroch received a
silver quarter for attending the meeting during their
birthday month.

Geri Beaulieu (10/17)
Karl Bennett (10/9)
Wayne Daniels (10/17)
Eva Gorzkowski (10/10)
Kurt Herring (10/28)
Gail Hoskins (10/21)
Jerry Laur (10/18)
Jan Smirnow (10/27)
Robert Smirnow (10/6)
James Smith (10/31)
What do the above people have in common? If they come to the
meeting during their birthday month, they each will receive a
gift of a silver quarter!