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HUNT MASTER’S PAGE – Linda’s Rants & Raves


No Pulse Metal Detectors
No coils bigger than 12 inches; No Big Foot coils
Must use headphones
When you get interference from other metal
detectors, either move or wait till the hunter
moves. It is impolite to tell the other hunter to
move or even that you have interference
Each hunter must retrieve their own signal
No sharing of finds
Other rules may be made for a particular planted
hunt and will be posted before the hunt

When approaching another hunter, turn off your
metal detector in case there is interference. Some
machines screech, which can make other hunters
very irritable.
When hunting among crowds, be sure to keep
your distance from their belongings. A reasonable
distance is around 6 feet. You do not want to be
accused of stealing.
When hunting on the beach, be careful about
scooping up the sand and shaking it out. If it is
very windy, the sand can blow onto beach goers
and their sun screened-slathered skin.
If a friend takes you to one of his or her digging
spots, it doesn’t necessarily become your spot as
well. This is especially true if it is private
property that the friend has obtained permission to
hunt. Check with your friend, then the landowner,
before going back to the spot alone. Definitely
check with them before you bring your friends to
the spot as well.
If you see a club member hunting a privately
owned site, do not assume that you do not have to
get permission.
Treat kids as you would your own. They are the
future of our hobby.

Helping another hunter retrieve his signal
means just that – help - not “finder's keepers.”
An offer to help is just that. Without an agreement
made in advance, no one can claim rights to the
find by helping.

Give credit where credit is due.

Treasure hunters abide by a standard Code of Ethics (our
Ten Commandments). Our club has shortened the Code of
Ethics to one sentence that is posted on the front page of
the newsletter - Have permission and do no harm. Each
club has its own version, but all have similar views. Some
clubs even state that if a member can’t abide by the Code
of Ethics, then that member will lose club membership.

1) Thou shalt not leave behind unfilled
2) Thou shalt not trespass or defy in any way the
lawful decrees of thy city, county, state,
province, or country.
3) Thou shalt not harm vegetation, the creatures
of the field, natural resources, or the personal
property of others.
4) Thou shalt not covet the finds of thy
companion. Nor shall ye covet his metal
detector, digging tool, or the hallowed place in
which he diggeth.
5) Thou shalt not neglect thy family and friends
whilst in the endless pursuit of this hobby.
6) Thou shalt assist the distraught owners of lost
goods and the archaeologist, the enforcers of
law, and all others who may need thy skill as a
metal detectorist.
7) Thou shalt return found treasures to the
proper owners whenever their true identity can
be rightfully determined.
8) Thou shalt report to the proper authorities any
find related to criminal activity or of
archaeological significance.
9) Thou shalt be considerate of others on the
beach and in other public places whilst waving
thy search coil and digging holes in the sand
and soil.
10) Thou shalt speak out against the unjust laws
and stand firm against the Philistines who
would cast out all those who would use
detectors of metal.
And, if thou dost not abide by these Commandments,
may ye be plagued with mineral-bearing rocks, hardpacked soil, pestilence, serpents, locust, poisonous
vegetation, and great multitudes of pulltabs, bottle
caps, and rusty nails. May ye spend the remaining
years of thy wretched life digging signals of false
origins. For thine iniquities shall surely bring the
overzealous wrath of the ignorant, heathen
bureaucrats down upon those of us who are innocent.
For we are the righteous and the just, and ye who do
not obey the Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting
are doomed to bad luck. - Author Unknown
The above Code of Ethics comes from the
Beaver State Coinshooters in Albany, Oregon.
For more information on this club, visit their site at