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Intelligent Jobsites 2017

There is a technological revolution evolving to address the inefficiencies in
many of the industries that contribute to the make-up of a city. Every day we see
inadequacies in industries such as transportation, agriculture, entertainment
and the real estate and construction industry just to name a few.
An example, according to Fortune Magazine, the real estate sectors,
encompassing commercial and residential property and agricultural land,
contribute approximately $217 trillion to the global economy. However, for
centuries, the design and construction methods used for development of all
the built environments have been stagnant.
Sam Stathis, founder and CEO of Stathis Enterprises states “The real estate and the construction industry have been
inefficient, complacent, high risk, unaffordable and unsustainable.” It is time to transform and modernize our industries
for future generations who will live in what will become intelligent cities.
One growing field to address the real estate and construction industry is the development of Intelligent Jobsites.
Intelligent Jobsites has been created to address and transform the way the design and construction industry thinks
and operates. Through the creation of private and public partners the intelligent jobsite global platform addresses
the challenges facing these industries. It is through intelligent technologies and innovation, while considering the
economic, social, and environmental impact that will bring about change and advancement in these industries.

Sam Stathis is founder and CEO of Stathis Enterprises. Stathis Enterprises
operates an extensive research and development program committed to
continuous evolution and exploration by generating new and innovative
technologies that deliver the highest quality products and services for
diverse industries. Some of SE’s products and services include Polo Electric
Corporation, Intelligent Jobsites, Celebrity Farms Racing, Theometrics and
Theo University.

Sam Stathis

founder and CEO,
Stathis Enterprises


www.intelligentjobsites.com NYS WMBE FORUM www.worldchariot.org

The intelligent technologies for Intelligent
Jobsites stem from Theometrics, the art and
science of precision measurement and navigation
in and on construction sites.
It is the “New Standard & Best Practice”
creating a new legal standard of care by which
architectural and construction measurements are
performed worldwide. Further information can be
found at www.intelligentjobsites.com
Some of the initiatives Intelligent Jobsites aims to
conduct are:
Bring experts and industry leaders
to collaborate and solve multiple
challenges in the real estate and
construction industries
Identify and create new careers and
trades to address technology such as
the green collar jobs
Educate and train future generations
through Theo University
Create bridges between generations
for mentoring
Make New York the capital for creating
the technologies which will advance
the design and construction industries

The main goal of Theo University is to create a virtual,
interactive, digital classroom to give workers the skills to
connect the mechanical and digital worlds and to embrace
new technologies.

The Bridge between Education and a Career - 
the Bridge between Baby-boomers and Millennials

Theo University will also serve to educate and train future
generations on emerging technologies to prepare them
for the industries of the future. In having baby boomers
and millennials working together Theo will serve as the
bridge between the generations through regular methods
of mentoring as well as mentoring upwards.
Theo University will also promote the STEAM curriculum
based on the idea of educating students in five specific
disciplines, science, technology, engineering, art and
mathematics. In this form of education Theo aims to
foster the next generation of entrepreneurs in all types of
Another initiative offered through Theo University are
opportunities for accreditation in the different industries,
for example, as more industries adhere to sustainable
practices a workforce will need to be created and trained
to abide to industry standards. This class of workers will
fall into the Green Collar Sector. The Green Collar workers
will be trained in environmental issues for their respective
Theo University will also publish articles and books on
findings from emerging technologies. One of the first
publications will be a book on the intelligent technologies
that are driving industries to modernize and create
intelligent cities.

Alec Ross is an American technology policy expert who was Senior Advisor for
Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the duration of her term as Secretary
of State.
After leaving the Department of State in 2013 he joined the School of International and
Public Affairs at Columbia University as a Senior Fellow and is the author of the New
York Times bestseller
The Industries of the Future. The book has been translated to fteen languages, and
was named the 2016 Book of the Year by the TriBeCa Film Festival’s the Disruptive
Innovation Foundation.

Alec Ross

Author, technology expert


“The next ten years are going to be even more disruptive than the last ten. What are
the industries and innovations that are going to shake the marketplace? Intelligent
Jobsites will drive intelligent cities to create the industries of the future.”
www.intelligentjobsites.com NYS WMBE FORUM www.worldchariot.org

Intelligent technologies found in different industries continue to be revolutionized, as such, new products and services
are being invented and discovered. The following are some examples of emerging technologies in different industries.

Aeroponic Plants - Aeroponics is a way of growing
plants without soil and with very little water. As
the whole system is enclosed, you save water
because the nutrient mix is fully recycled within the
aeroponics systems design. Another is the creation
of urban farms at corporate offices which allow
employees to grow and harvest their own food at
work (Parsona Urban Farm – Kono Design)

LORETA (Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic
Tomography) is a cutting edge, freely available brain
imaging software that
provides 3-dimensional
brain images based on
EEG recordings. Dr. Rex
Cannon, a highly regarded
LORETA specialist
EEG practitioners with
this essential and much
needed “missing manual”

Electrical Chariots - Chariots
have been around for centuries
and they continue to serve and
enhance different industries such as
transportation, entertainment and the
sport of chariot racing. The electric
chariot contains a horse-charged
battery with the capacity to power
electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles and
onboard electronics. This sustainable
chariot is bridging the gap between
the traditional sulky driven trotter and
the electric and sports car industries.

Sam and Connie Stathis with a prototype of the aeroponics system for
vertical gardening helping to revolutionize the agricultural industry.

L.E.D Lighting - A light-emitting diode (LED) is a
semiconductor device that emits visible light when
an electric current passes through it. There is a wide
variety of uses for LED Lights and LED products, some
that you may have never even thought of before.
Mainly LED Lights can be used for entertainment,
events, signage, home applications, business
applications, boat and automobile applications, and
even as enhancements to art work or LED Lights as
art work themselves.

2017-2018 INITIATIVES:
In looking to the future of Intelligent Technologies
“driving” Intelligent Cities, there are proposed initiatives
focused on the eastern US cities.
These initiatives include:


Conduct roundtable discussions with
luminaries in the industry


Bring awareness and promote Intelligent
Jobsites through:
• Conferences and expositions
• At colleges and universities, trade schools,
and online educational platforms
• At board rooms and construction sites
• Through written publications
• Through the media, including social media


Establish and launch an International Initiative,
identifying target cities


Inclusion of Minorities, Women, Veterans,
Wounded Soldiers

Like father like daughter, Christina Stathopoulos carries the entrepreneur gene of
her father Sam Stathis. Her coaching practice, Hear Her Roar, aims at working with
high performing women who are ready to
create more success in their lives by doing
less work, and partners with these women
in developing bold voices and perfecting
the work/life balance. Hear Her Roar was
founded to build up women to take on
anything life throws at them.
In addition to her private practice, Christina
serves the next generation of leaders as a
Mentor Coach of Accomplishment Coaching’s Coach & Leadership Training Program-the world’s finest coach training program.
She is also the licensed club leader of the
Speaker Sisterhood of Portland, an Associate Certified Coach (International Coach
Federation-credentialed) and an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach.
According to Stathopoulos, “Hear Her Roar
creates a positive space for us all to come
and mastermind, collaborate, get support,
and feel empowered. The focus is brilliance
in all aspects of life; personal, professional,
and all that’s in between. Whether oneon-one private sessions or group settings,
women can look forward to authentic
conversation, uplifting material, relevant
resources, challenges, and other useful
bits to keep them motivated, inspired, and
well-equipped for success.”
Visit www.hearherroar.net


www.intelligentjobsites.com NYS WMBE FORUM www.worldchariot.org

2013 PAST

We are thankful for the participation of
visionary leaders such as Lieutenant
Governor Duffy, Deputy Mayor Cas
Holloway, David Kirkpatrick, author
of The Facebook Effect and founder of
The Techonomy Conference, Kishar
Bogul, CTO of NYS Office of Information
Technology Services, Rob Ivanhoe,
Sandra Wilkin, Seth Pinsky and Alec
Ross, author of “the Industries of the
Future”, along with the other senior
government officials, policy makers,
top experts, and industry leaders.

2012 PAST


We also thank Governor Cuomo and all
the participants for helping us make
New York better and stronger!

www.intelligentjobsites.com NYS WMBE FORUM www.worldchariot.org

Join t he move me nt to a dv ance bui ldings t hat help p e ople
work, live, p er for m and fe el t heir b est.
The WELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for
measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment
that impact human health and wellbeing, through air, water,
nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind.
WELL is managed and administered by the International WELL Building
Institute (IWBI), a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve
human health and wellbeing through the built environment.
WELL is grounded in a body of medical research that explores the
connection between the buildings where we spend more than 90
percent of our time, and the health and wellness of its occupants. WELL
Certified™ spaces and WELL Compliant™ core and shell developments
can help create a built environment that improves the nutrition, fitness,
mood, and sleep patterns.
The WELL Building Standard® is third-party certified by the Green
Business Certification Incorporation (GBCI), which administers the LEED
certification program and the LEED professional credentialing program.

www.intelligentjobsites.com NYS WMBE FORUM www.worldchariot.org


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