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How to makeyour first1000$ as a beginnervideographer 3 .pdf

Original filename: How to makeyour first1000$ as a beginnervideographer-3.pdf
Title: How to makeyour first1000$ as a beginnervideographer
Author: Alireza

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Don't be the typical broke artist/creative guy.



Hey there!
I hope you're as excited as I am while writing this piece of
guide which hopefully will change your life by seeing and
creating the opportunities to create more financial freedom
in your life, as it did for me. 
This is my first ever FREE Guide that I'm creating, I've just had
over 350mg of Caffeine, it is 00:35, and I'm ready to put my
whole heart into this, so let's go back when it all started for me...

February 2017, recently had a break up, cold and short days in
Germany, feeling miserable for not doing my homework in School,
skipping whenever I could, don't know if you could call me
depressed, but sometimes I couldn't express what I had, I was
simply me, just empty? 
It all came down to this night, 1st of March 2017. 
Are you ready for some quick story-time? ...

You know they say there's a sunshine after every Storm?

Well... this night, was the scariest Storm I've ever experienced,
EVER. A million thoughts, or maybe more shuffling through my
mind, confused, lost, and not knowing what I wanted to do with my
life, made me that way.
Luckily, I read a lot of books ever since 2015, and have been
listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and all that stuff that makes
you feel good even though when you aren't. One Major thing that
stuck with me through all those 
resources was that one can only be great at one thing, 
and that one thing is his skill, what he's already best at.

So in the back of my mind I always had editing videos, I always
used to enjoy editing videos, I used to edit gaming, skating, and
even crazy effect videos ever since 2008. (10 Years old back then.)
So... I decided to find my way OUT of school, through my passion,
which was Videography, the biggest Fitness Expo in Europe
was about to happen one month later in a City 2 hrs. away from

And me following a lot Fitness "Gurus" on Youtube, I decided
well, ok... I'm going to email as many as I can with free work and
hopefully one of them will accept me! 
(Bare in my mind... I still hadn't ordered my camera yet)
So I emailed around 30-50 people, offering them completely free
work, DM'ed a couple of them, and meanwhile, my camera arrived,
and I contacted one of my friends Marvin, which is an absolute
beast in the gym, offering him a free video, so he accepted,
and I used that as an example to show the people that I emailed
to work for them.
1 week of hoping, no answer.
Days passed, and passed...
I was going to school, bit happier now because I had a camera
and I could do something in my spare time...
2 weeks later, still nothing.
3 Weeks in, and BOOM...


I remember this night clearly,
I felt this rush of adrenaline.
I knew this was going to be the
start of something special for me.
And it truly was...

Rob is an amazing person, crazy shape, always enthusiastic,
and he introduced me to the company that he was sponsored by
at that time, Which let me to many other opportunities.
But, I guess this was it, the "moment" that changed it all for me.
By the way... I will never forget my experience at the Expo this year,
amazing nights with the NOCCO Crew, and the Gymshark Crew
in Cologne. 
Enough of my story, let's get to some practical shit, and let's make
some money.


So let's rewind a little here... I had no experience with the camera,
hell I didn't even have a camera when I emailed him!
But what I did do, was simply take ACTION.
Now you might think... but Ali, where do I start? who should I email?
Look, this is the Mindset that you should have :
I have a camera, and there's a reason why I have it.
I'm either a creative person, I like to express my thoughts
through videos, I simply like to edit cool shit, and so I'm gonna be
the best at what I do!
Find your reason WHY you have the camera, and excel in it! 
You might like to create travel videos, so go do so! and do a lot of
Because you're shit now but you might not be later, after 2-3-6-10-15
so PRACTICE, and get closer to that PERFECTION that you'll
never reach... (does that even make sense?)


I cannot express the importance of Social Media...
I mean, Rob wouldn't have accepted me if I wouldn't have had
the video shoot with Marvin, which was uploaded on my Instagram!
Create an Instagram account now! and if you want to make the most
out of it and not waste any opportunity, I recommend you 
DM'ing Iman, a Social Media genius making over 6-figures/year
helping Business grow their Social Media and generate more revenue
for them.
and guess what, he's getting in touch with even more Businesses
because of his SOCIAL MEDIA!
Create an Instagram account now.
Post your Work there, shit or great, whatever it is, start somewhere.
Don't wait for the "PERFECT" moment or the "PERFECT" video
that you will never create, that shit doesn't exist.
Phew... sorry for going too hard on you, but seriously,
Instagram saved my life, and it will save yours if you 
just take a bit of action.


What is a Niche?
A synonym for Niche would be Category, find what you would
enjoy working in.
For me it started off with Fitness, as I already had some knowledge
in that field, and I loved seeing other editors do videos for other
athletes, I decided to give it a try.
Now I'm more focused on Travelling, and creating videos, this month
I'm off to Bali, Indonesia creating amazing videos with Mischa Janiec,
one of the most known Fitness "Gurus" online in Germany, he owns
the biggest fitness clothing company in Germany, and runs 
many other Online Courses and Businesses, great guy.
For you it might be Cars, Festivals, Sports, Fashion, find out what it is,
and stick to it at least for a couple of months! 
What I usually recommend people to do is to get really good
in one niche, and then move on to the next one, reason being is
because when you're really good, you simply get more recognition,
therefore you're also gaining more financially, and it's
simply more fun to be respected!


Networking is key...
Look, you don't HAVE to do free work from the very beginning,
if you have enough work to show on your Portfolio, and have the
confidence to directly work in exchange for money, then great!
I simply believe you can reach people of a higher "reputation"
by simply offering them your time, and skill as a videographer
which at the beginning, let's be honest, cannot be that good.
So the chance of them accepting is much higher than if you'd ask to
get payed for work.
But here's a little TRICK that will make you money.
Offer 1 Person FREE WORK in exchange for them REFFERING you
to 2-3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE that they KNOW that they WILL
So let's say I'll offer this guy called Tom some free work, and Tom will
tell 3 of his friends/partners that Ali is a great videographer 
and if you need anything he's the right guy to go to!
Boom, job done, make sure to sign a contract on the agreement,
as some people simply are sketchy...

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