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SCROLL| Issue # 02





SCROLL| Issue # 02

In This Issue
 Heading towards
World War III
 The Indo-Pak
 The Mexican
 Rohingya Crisis
 UNGA 2017
 Clash of Diplomats
 Upcoming events
 Nomenclature

The Possibility of World War III
Is the Third World War on its Way?! – Tensions between Trump and North Korea escalate

We all are aware of the Korean Peninsula
Conflict going on currently which has
escalated World War 3 tensions. North
Korea has continued its nuclear policy
and has been launching ICBMs
periodically now.
The most recent launch of a missile by
North Korea being the missile it launched
towards Japan on the 15th of September.
Earlier, it also successfully tested a
hydrogen bomb which could be loaded
into an ICBM and also tested several long
range missiles which could actually hit the
coast of Guam in the US.
North Korean foreign minister, Ri Yong
Ho addressed the UN General Assembly
and accused that Trump himself is on a &
“suicide mission” & and the US will pay
dearly for Trump is aggressive speech
against Kim Jong Un. He said that Trump
committed an irreversible mistake by
saying harsh words in his speech while
addressing the council. He condemned
what Trump had previously said- Kim
Jong Un is a “Rocket Man” on a “suicide
mission” and that if North Korea proves to

be threat for the US or its allies, the US
will not have any option but to totally
destroy North Korea, and regarded these
threats as the declaration of war.
Earlier, Kim Jong Un referred to Trump as
a “deranged man” and a “dotard”. So, as
the war of words between USA and North
Korea continues, it is continuously
increasing the chances of a dangerous
nuclear World War 3.
The possibility of World War 3 is also
supported by the fact that Iran too
successfully tested a ballistic missile on
23rd September thus violating the Iran
Nuclear Agreement which said that Iran
would not continue on its nuclear program
in return of which economic sanctions on
Iran would be reduced. US president
Trump signaled that he may pull of the
deal as it was an “embarrassment” to the
In the eve of such conflicts, Russia too
has successfully tested ICBMs on the
26th of September. It has also increased
its military drills and warheads. It also has
issues with Syria on the Syrian Civil War.
And also has ongoing issues with USA on

the issue of Russia’s collusion with the
US 2016 Elections. Even if Moscow voted
with the rest of the UN Security Council to
pass the most far-reaching sanctions ever
placed on North Korea, it supported a
“suspension-for- suspension” approach to
reign in North Korea’s missile and nuclear
weapons program.
The strategy calls for Pyongyang to stop
its tests in exchange for an end to US and
South Korean joint military exercises on
the peninsula. Thus, Russia agreed to
work with North Korea to resolve missile
crisis and thus held meeting with the
director general of North Korea.
China is the largest trade ally of North
Korea and a lot of pressure has been put
on China to resolve this issue tactically
and diplomatically. Conflicts soared when
USA President Donald trump announced
a new travel ban on 8 countries on 25th
September which included North Korea,
Venezuela etc. Suspicions rose to a new
high when according to intelligence
agencies North Korea was spotted
moving missiles from a rocket facility
dedicated in the development of ICBMs in
Pyongyang on the 29th of September.




SCROLL| Issue # 02

The Indo-Pak Standoff
Same Narrative with Increased Tempers

India and Pakistan have been mongering hatred against each other for a greater part of the last 70 years. When
the two were supposed to be pitted against each other at the annual UNGA, the world only expected the usual
blame game and false accusations as has become a custom. But the diplomats were in for a surprise, when
tensions flared as India blatantly accused Pakistan of harboring terrorism and even dubbed the country as
“Terroristan” as the Pakistani diplomats watched in aghast.
And if that was not enough already, the Pakistan camp came up with a picture of pellet gun riddled woman, whom
they said, was a victim of human right crisis in Kashmir. However, this plan backfired as reports proved the
woman to be of Palestinian origin. Hence, the Pakistan Camp circulated a fake picture at the global level to blame
India, but this was only to their harm and embarrassment.

Natural Disasters
A result of negligence towards Climate change?
September was a rather disastrous month for various countries across the world. A few disasters that took place
last month were:

An extremely destructive Atlantic hurricane named Harvey attacked the eastern coast of US from 17th
August to 3rd September causing huge loss to mankind. This caused heavy rainfall resulting in intense
landfalls causing further damage.
The destruction further continued as an extremely powerful and the strongest hurricane obtained in the
Atlantic since 2005, in terms of maximum sustained winds struck US between 30th august and 16th
September named Irma. (Max speed of 295 kmph)
Hurricane Maria, yet another Atlantic hurricane struck Puerto Rico resulting in landfall. It started forming
on 16th September and is currently still active. (Max speed of 280 kmph)’
An earthquake of magnitude 8.1 had struck the southern coast of Mexico, killing 90 people. This was
followed by an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 in Central Mexico on 19th September, 2017 causing mass
destruction, killing nearly 216 people and leaving many trapped under collapsed buildings a week later.

UNGA 2017The Assembly endorsed the “political declaration on the implementation of the
United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons” by
consensus at the outset of its two-day high-level meeting on human trafficking,
which many speakers described as “modern-day slavery”. Member States
reaffirmed their commitment to 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
“While thousands died at sea, in deserts and detention centers, many others
found themselves “at the mercy of merciless people”, said Secretary-General
António Guterres that the Global Plan of Action would not exist merely on
paper, but in every community, township and city across the globe. Many
members emphasized on victim and survivor centered approach.




SCROLL| Issue # 02

Rohingya Crisis

Memory Lane

Genocide- a humanitarian cause of concern

September 2, 1666: The
Great Fire of London
occurred. It consumed
13,200 houses, 87 parish
churches, St Paul’s
Cathedral, and most of the
buildings of the City


What began as an issue in 1982,
when Burma refused to grant
recognition to the Rohingya as
an identified ethnicity, has now
turned into a massive example
of ethnic cleansing.
The Rakhine state where the
Rohingya reside is currently one
of the poorest states in the
country which lacks basic
services. The Rohingya have
restrictions on their rights to
study, travel, work, marry, and
practice their religion and even
access to health care services.
Recent violence and persecution
against them has forced
thousands of Rohingya to flee to
neighbouring countries.
What caused the issue was that
the Burmese government
stripped Rakhine’s Muslims of
their citizenship in 1982. If it
would have recognised them as
members of the Rohingya group,
the Muslims would have also
been allowed an autonomous
area within the country, under
the 1982 citizenship act.
The main fear of Burma was that
these grounds could become a
possible staging area for
terrorism by groups like Arakan
Rohingya Salvation Army
(ARSA). International pressure
resulted in the military
government agreeing to grant
the Rohingya a reduced form of
What added fuel to the fire was
the attack by ARSA on 24 police

posts in Myanmar on 25th
August, 2017. ARSA is a Muslim
militant group with reported links
to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
This attack led to a crackdown
by Burma’s military in retaliation,
which resulted in forcing more
than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims
from Rakhine state to flee to
neighbouring Bangladesh for
refuge. The international
community has condemned the
violence unleashed by the
Burmese military on Rohingya
What is making the Rohingya
issue extremely difficult is that
the humanitarian groups are
sympathising with the world’s
most persecuted minority while
the government of Burma is
perceiving Rohingya as a foreign
group with a separatist agenda,
fuelled by Islam and funded from

The September 11 attacks
(also referred to as 9/11)
were a series of four
coordinated terrorist attacks
by the Islamic terrorist group
al-Qaeda on the United
States on the morning of
September 11, 2001. The
attacks killed 2,996 people,
injured over 6,000 others,
and caused at least $10
billion in infrastructure and
property damage.
TargetsWorld Trade Center
The Pentagon
White House or U.S. Capitol
Attack typesAircraft hijackings
Suicide attacks
Mass murder
The Al-Qaeda initially
planned to target nuclear
installations rather than the
WTC but decided against it,
fearing things could get “out
of control”.




SCROLL| Issue # 02

A well-established first foot leads
to further higher
accomplishments. Running on the
same lines, we embarked on our
first competition, The Clash of
Diplomats, in association with
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
An exceptional platform was setup for participants to experience
the notions of the formation of
international alliances. Equipped
with extensive research,
delegates contemplated over the
scenarios and surfaced the
optimal alliances.
On 14th September, 2017, our
very own NMites got a chance to
step into the shoes of foreign
ambassadors, voice their opinions
and curb the conflict.
The first round was the
elimination round - The Round
table conference, where the
delegates got to discuss and
deliberate world issues and they
found solutions for some of the
most daunting problems that we
are and we will be facing on a
global level.
The Round 1 topics of discussion
were• Climate change and carbon
• Diplomatic Champion in
• Tension in Korean Peninsula

• Terrorism with
special focus
Round 2: The
league of
The top 10
delegates were allotted countries
and based on negotiations related
to their foreign policies, alliances
were made. The research paper
given to them helped them
choosing their best alliance.

opinions and we look forward to
hosting them for our upcoming

Round 3: The Final Clash
This round came as a complete
surprise to them. Here the
participants threw allegations at
each other and they were
sometimes caught at a
disadvantage and were
sometimes backed by their
The entire session was presided
over by Dr. Sadaf Hashmi, an
eminent teacher of NM College.
We congratulate-Sreesreshta
Nair (Delegate of Japan) - Best
Akshit Chopra (Delegate of
Pakistan) - High Commendation
(Best Ally) who have proved that
they have what it takes to be a
diplomat! We honor all our
delegates for boldly voicing their

The NMC MUN Club is proud to announce its association with-




SCROLL| Issue # 02

What’s coming up?
Apart from organizing educational,
competitive events, the NMC
MUN Club is also actively
involved in cross participation as
well as delegate training.
Thadomal Shahani Engineering
College is conducting its invites
seventh edition of TM-MUN. The
committees are as follows:
1. United Nations Security
Council. (UNSC)
2. Disarmament and International
Security (DISEC)
3. United Nations Human Rights
Council (UNHRC)
4. Lok Sabha
5. World Health Organisation
The Conference will take on 14th
and 15th of October, 2017. This
conference provides a platform

for first timers and experienced
MUNners alike, to test their
debating skills, showcase their
diplomacy and the vividness in
their technicality of paperwork in
committee with heated
discussions and intense debates.
The delegate fees for the
conference will be Rs. 2000/which includes the delegate kit,
lunch and high tea.
For registering as a part of NM
contingent or any queries,
contact - Aman Loharuka (HOD
The NMCMUN Club will be
conducting training sessions to
equip students with the required
resources for the Conference.
Contact- Akhil Mathur (HOD
Delegate Training):

Other upcoming MUN





Ivy League MUN,
Gurgaon (23-26th
Oberoi International
MUN (25-26 November)
Sophia College’s
MUNSOPHICAL (1517th December)
IIT Bombay’s Techfest
MUN (29-31st
Government Law
College’s GLC MUN (1618th Feb 2018)

A MUN/ conference specific jargon buster

If you have ever come across
words that you do not recognise
or comprehend- specifically in a
group discussion, debate or
conference environment, here are
a few words you could learn and
master which will prove to be
useful to you in such a setting1. Motion: a specific action
made by delegates to
direct debate in a certain
2. Blocs: different groups
that have similar ideas and

opinions about the topics.
In the real United Nations,
there are regional blocs,
but delegates can choose
to build their own blocs in
Model UN. These blocs
will typically work together
to create a draft resolution.
3. Operative clauses:
statements in the second
section of the draft
resolution that outlines the
specific solutions the
sponsors wish to
implement. Operative

clauses are usually
numbered and underlined.
4. Sponsors: delegates who
authored the draft
resolution or actively
contributed ideas.


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