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Into The WOODS – Teachers’ Material

THE STORY - For Young Learners
Put in a chronological order the various pieces that make up the plot of “Into the
1. The whole village is destroyed by a Giantess. She wants revenge for her
husband’s death at the hands of Jack.
2. Cinderella flees the Festival, pursued by a handsome prince. The next
morning, Jack wakes up and realises that a giant beanstalk has grown. He
climbs it and finds the castle of two married Giants.
3. The Baker and his Wife wish with all their heart for a child but a Witch placed
a curse on their family for revenge. They can break it only by bringing her four
ingredients for the Witch’s potion: "the cow as white as milk, the cape as red
as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold".
4. The Baker’s Wife meets Cinderella running away from a Prince and she’s able
to take away the golden slippers from her.
5. The Baker’s Wife finds a tower in the woods where a beautiful girl with hair
“as yellow as corn” lives. She tricks Rapunzel to let down her hair and pulls
out a lock of it.
6. The Baker, Jack, Cinderella and Little Red Ridinghood kill the Giantess and live
as a family.
7. The Baker saves Little Red Ridinghood and her Grandmother, who had been
eaten by the Wolf, and the little girl gives him her red cape.
8. The Witch drinks the potion (made by four items) and the curse on the Baker’s
family is broken.
9. Little Red Ridinghood goes to take some bread to her Grandmother’s house
but she meets a hungry Wolf, who convinces her to take a detour on her way.
Meanwhile, the Baker’s Wife convinces Jack to sell his white cow to her for
five magical beans.
10. The Baker’s Wife and Jack’s Mother are killed by the Giantess.

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