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Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Company Profile
Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the joint venture company of American Croos Pump (Group)
Limited and Shanghai Shenbao Industrial Pump Co., Ltd. The factory is located in Shanghai
Minhang Development Zone, occupying a production area more than 45,000 ㎡ , specialized in
design and manufacture Croos brand pumps, which are widely applied in petroleum, chemical,
HVAC, water treatment, building, electric power, firefighting, industrial water supply and so on.
The production line includes 5 series: axially split casing centrifugal pump, single stage single
suction centrifugal pump, submersible pump, multistage centrifugal pump and chemical process

Croos pumps are universal products.

Adopt the world most advantage technology to make the

efficiency and performance at a high level, in both international and domestic markets we have
enjoyed a very good reputation. At present, our customers are all over the world, such as USA,
Russia, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, South Africa and
other countries.
Quality is the life of enterprise, a strict inspection system is built in our factory. We always offer
reasonable price and high-quality products to customers. We have got the certification of
ISO9001 quality control system, CE certification, and China national CCC Compellent products
We sincerely hope to cooperate with the national and international partners and grow together
for a brilliant future.

Products Category:
Axial Split Casing Centrifugal Pump; Single Stage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump; Multistage
Centrifugal Pump; Submersible Pump; Chemical Process Pump

Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Company Culture
"To the user as the center, the pursuit of the international first-class quality" to improve
enterprise competitiveness, to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.
After-sales Service
Quality Guarantee
One. Pre-sale service guarantee:
1. Help customers select the models of our products according to the technical requirement. .
2. Supply the necessary documents for your ordered products, including products introduce,
performance parameter, installation dimension, installation debugging, matters need attention
and so on.
Two. The sale of service guarantee:
1. As quality and quantity to supply the contract products on time.
2. As Fob price term, our company supply transport and quality insurance on the way for free in
3. As CIF price term, our company supply transport and quality insurance on the way for free from
China to your sea ports.
Three. After service guarantee:
1.Quality guarantee: 12 months ;.
2.Within quality guarantee period, should the parts of pumps, motors, baseplates suffer damage
which is not artificially caused, we will replace the unit immediately without charge.
3.If there is any problem during installation, our company will make installation plan no more
than 2 hours after receiving your notice, and guide users to install and connect the pump units
4.Over the quality guarantee period: Our company is responsible for repairing, the cost of parts
should be paid by the user.
5.Our company will supply service after the sale for the whole day. If you call us when you have
any problem, we will respond in 2 hours.
6.For the maintenance, if you need, our company will teach the person who appointed by you.
We will appoint a special person to guide you during the maintenance period. During the quality
guarantee period, our company will guide for the normal maintenance service, including all the
check, adjusting and lubrication for the system. Also if you need, we can send our technical
engineers to help you at site.
7.Our company will service for you periodically when you use our products.
8.During using period, to make the products working very well, we will cooperate with you about
products service.

Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Four. During for sale, on sale, after sale period, if you have any problem, our company will reply
you or resolve it immediately.
After sale service department in Shanghai head office:
Tel:86 021 6409 5555
Fax:86 021 6409 5040
Techincal Help

The water pipe should have its own supports in order to avoid all the weights depressing
on the pump.
The pump line should be connected to the discharge nozzle by means of a flaring pipe
with taper 1:7.
The average flowing velocity of water in the pipe is recommended not to exceed 2-3
As for the suction pipe, the follows must be considered: the pipe must be as short as
possible so as to reduce the resistance possible.The pipe must be bent according to
prevailing regulation. It is not permitted to have too small bending curvature in order to
avoid producing excessive losses.The connections of the pipes must be tight to prevent
air from entering into the pipes.
When the pump position is higher than the water level, a foot valve should be installed at
the bottom of the suction pipe or priming by a vacuum pump.
A gate valve and a non-return valve are installed between the discharge pipe and the
pump. The inner diameters of the valves must not be smaller than the discharge pipe.
The non-return valve is located on fro-side of the gate valve.

Inspecting the dates in the nameplate such as capacity, head, speed, and they must be
accordance with the requirement.

The couplings shall be operating smoothly when rotating the pump by hands.

The starting task is to inspect whether the rotation direction of the motor corresponds to
the requirement of the pump.

The valves, the pressure gauge on the discharge nozzle and the screwed plug on the
vacuum gauge must be closed.

Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

The pump shall is filled with liquid before starting. For pumps with a suction diameter
equal to or less 300mm, the plug on the pump cover must be taken out and water is
poured in through the plug hole on the top of the pump cover. For pumps with a suction
diameter larger than 350mm, open the cock on the top of the pump cover and under the
water indicator, and then start the vacuum pump. When the water level reaches the water
indicator, clock the cock immediately.

Having done the procedure described above, start the motor and open the cock for a
pressure gauge.

When the rated revolution of the pump is obtained and the pressure gauge shows a
proper reading, open the cock for the vacuum gauge and the gate valve on the discharge
pipeline gradually up to the required extent.

For stopping the pump, close the gate valve on the discharge pipe line gradually, close the cock
for vacuum gauge, then stop the motor and close the cock for the pressure gauge.
Caution: when the ambient temperature is at 0℃ or below, the water remained in the pump must
be drained off through the holes under the suction and discharge nozzles.
When the pump is to be out of use for a long time, it must be disassembled, cleaned and then
packed for storage.

Pay attention to the bearing temperature. The bearing temperature should not exceed
the ambient temperature by 55℃ and its maximum temperature not exceed 85℃.

The lubricating grease should be changed after first 80 hours operation and once every
2400 hours operation afterward. The bearing housing is filled with grease, which
occupies 75% of the space in it. The lubricant used for the bearings is lithium basic

Leakage of 10 to 20 drops per minute from stuffing box is a normal phenomenon. If the
leakage is too large or too small, then the stuffing gland should be tightened or
loosened. The packing consists of individual round – shaped rings, the joints of which
alternate by an angle of 120 degrees successively for the convenience of pressing tightly.
The stuffing shall be changed when the leakage is too large.

The flexible coupling, the elastic washers, the screw and etc, should be inspected
periodically and pay constant attention to the motor bearing temperature.

The pump should be inspected after each 2000 hours operation. In case the diameter
clearance between the wear ring and the impeller exceeds 2mm, the wear ring should be


Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Close inlet and an outlet valve, open the drain plug of bottom and air release plug of top
to ensure there is no water in the pump.

Dismantle the entire assistant pipeline.

Dismantle the pin which is between shaft couplings.

Loosen the casing-bottom half (1) and a casing-top half (2) connecting bolts, separate
the cover and casing and put the cover to a safe place.

Lose the connecting bolts of the left bearing housing and right bearing housing (14),
loose the connecting bolts of left bearing cover and right bearing cover.

Pull of left and right bearing housing, load out the whole rotor and put to horizontal and
safe place for dismantling.

Dismantle bearing housing, bolt, ball bearing, left bearing cover, slinger, left mechanical
seal or gland packing, dismantle seal housing (12), left mechanical seal shaft sleeve or
gland packing shaft sleeve.

Disassembling the impeller (4), the casing wear ring (3), and the impeller key.

Disassembling the coupling guard and coupling, right bearing housing (14), loose spring
ring, withdraw from the bearing, removed the right bearings cover, the right slinger, the
right mechanical seal (or packing seal) components, and then closed down the right seal

Dismantle static ring of mechanical seal cover.


Re-installing by opposite order of disassembly. When installing, all the o ring should be
new, the installation place should be clean. Clean all the parts connecting and bolts, pay
attention to impeller running direction.

Check the clearance between impeller and seal ring, if the clearance is over 1mm, should
change seal ring or impeller.

When installing mechanical seal, the seal face should be added lubricate oil and the
mechanical seal shaft sleeve should be very smooth and clean. When the static ring has
been installed, should check the balance degree between face and cover.

When installing gland packing, the cut face of gland packing should be smooth and flat,
the position of the cut face should be stagger, gland packing should be well pressed, not
too tight and not too loose, otherwise, the bearing will be hot and affect the normal


New pump storage: load at dry place, the longest store period is 10 month.

If the pump is not used for a long time, the suction valve should be shut. Running once
every 3 months to ensure the pump can be operated every time.

Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd




The pump does not suck in

The pump priming is not sufficient.

Prime the pump again. Eliminate the air leak

water. The hands of the

There is an air leak in pipeline or

by tightening or plugging.

pressure gauge and the


vacuum gauge vibrate
The pump does not suck in

The foot valve has not been opened

Adjust or replace the foot-valve. Clean or

water. The vacuum gauge

or is blocked up. The resistance of the change the suction pipeline. Raise the

shows high vacuum valves.

suction pipeline is too large or the

suction water level

water level at the suction side is too

The pressure exists at the

The resistance of the discharge

Check or shorten the discharge pipeline.

discharge nozzle, but no

pipeline is too high. The motor

Check and correct the motor rotation

water is delivered.

rotation direction is wrong. The

direction.Clean the impeller. Increase the

impeller is blocked up. The pump

pump speed.

speed is not sufficient.

The capacity is less than the

The pump is blocked up. The wear

Clean the pump and the pipelines. Replace

expected valve.

ring is worn off too much. The speed the wear ring. Increase the pump speed.
is not sufficient.

The power consumption of

The packing in the stuffing box is

Adjust the packing or replace it with a new

the power is too high.

pressed too tightly and heated by

one. Replace the impeller. Reduce the

friction. The impeller is worn out. The capacity by means of increasing the
capacity is too high and the pump is resistant in the discharge pipeline.

Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
The pump produces abnormal The capacity is too large and the

Reduce the capacity by means of increasing

noise and does not suck

pump is overloaded. The resistant in the resistance in the discharge pipeline.


the suction pipeline is too large. The Check the resistance in the suction pipeline.
suction height is too high. Air pocket Check the foot valve. Reduce the suction

The pump vibrates.

exists at the pump suction portion.

height. Eliminate the air leak by tightening

The temperature of the pumped

and plugging. Lower the pumped liquid

liquid is too high.


The pump shaft and the motor shaft Adjust the alignment of the pump shaft and
are not aligned properly or the pump the motor shaft in accordance with the
shaft is slant


The bearings are overheated. Leak of oil. The pump and motor

Fill in the bearing housing with oil.Adjust

shafts are not aligned properly. The

the alignment of the shafts.Check and clean

oil ring does not rotate.

the bearing housing.

Tel: +86-21-64092786

Email: export@croospump.com

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