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Hybrid Quantum-HPC Market Forecast 2019-2024
Market Analysis / by admin / 11d
Quantum Meets HPC (in the Cloud) Quantum computers would theoretically be able to perform calculations much
more quickly, by orders of magnitudes, than any classical computer. Quantum computers have not matured yet to
outperform today’s classical computers unless they can correct for errors that disrupt the fragile quantum states of
their qubits, one of many technical obstacles remained to resolv

Saudi Arabia Mass Surveillance Market Forecast 2019-2024
Market Research Media / by admin / 9d
Dwindling oil revenues and inability to reset economy to alternative path increase risk of internal strife in Saudi Arabia
heavily burdened with tumultuous politics of Middle East. The risk factor will push Saudi government to bolster
already record high mass surveillance spending. Lacking expertise, technology and qualified workforce to manage it
all locally Saudis turn to European, US, Chinese,

Nature Photography Workshop
Photo Gallery / by admin / 7d
In this two-day photography workshop, we will take pictures of stunning landscape and diversity of ecosystems to
improve our skills making photographs in the national nature preserve. By combining in-class and hands-on
photography instruction, we will learn about compositional principles that will make for more compelling photographs
of wildflowers, geologic features, and grand mountain views. Th

Letter to Editorial Photography Workshop Participants
Photo Gallery / by admin / 7d
Dear Workshop Participant, Thank you for attending our annual editorial photography workshop . We hope that you
found the workshop informative and worthwhile. Our primary goal was to increase your understanding of editorial
photography and photo gear and to introduce and provide resources that will support your creative process. There
were many topics covered during the workshop and the presenter

Virtual Reality Visualizations at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017
Photo Gallery / by admin / 8d
At its 2017 edition in November, some of the highlights of SIGGRAPH Asia include a spotlight on production teams
from some of the world’s leading studios, including Pixar, as well as films released in 2017, such as Blade Runner
2049 and the upcoming film “Coco”. The exciting line-up of Featured Sessions and Programs includes: The Making of
Pixar’s “Coco”, by Pixar Animation Studio’s production te

International Travel Trade Fair
Photo Gallery / by admin / 9d
IMTM strives to become the main exhibition and conference in Middle East for travel technology buyers, travel
agencies, tour operators and transport professionals to source, learn and network. Travel Tech Market Travel Tech
Market Travel Tech Market Travel Tech Market Travel Tech Market Travel Tech Market Travel Tech Market Travel
Tech Market Travel Tech Market

Coming Soon: HVAC Expo
Photo Gallery / by admin / 9d