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It’s about 2 A.M. and a thunderstorm has just begun. A man dressed in a business
suit with a briefcase in hand, exits a building and walks across a street. Rain pours down
heavily and the streets appear barren. The man sees a cab approaching and hails it, but the
cab passes, displaying an “Off Duty” sign.
The frustrated man uses his briefcase to shield himself from the rain. The rain
begins to ease up. A few feet away, someone is watching the man, through the windshield
of a parked car. As the man continues to flag down passing cabs, the parked car’s ignition
starts and it slowly begins to approach him.
The car pulls up and stops next to the man. The passenger window begins to
lower. A man seated in the passenger’s seat, asks the man if he needs a ride. The man
politely, turns down the offer. The passenger makes the offer again. The man ignores him
and begins to walk away.
As the man walks, the car catches up to him and the passenger asks the man if
he is the lawyer who is representing for an old woman. The lawyer, walking quickly, tells
the passenger he can’t discuss those matters. The passenger tells the lawyer he wants to
discuss a proposal. The lawyer says that he is not interested. The passenger then points a
gun at the lawyer and asks him if he’s interested now.
The lawyer stops walking and the passenger orders him to get into the car. The
back passenger car door flies open, revealing a 3rd person inside. The lawyer panics and
takes off running down the street. The gunman yells for the man to stop. Immediately the
car follows after the lawyer.
The frantic man doesn’t know where to go and winds up running down an
empty side street. Tired and desperate to escape, the man sees a closed garbage dumpster
and decides to hide inside it. The car pulls up to the side street and two men get out of the
car. The driver then speeds off as the two men begin to walk down the darkened street.
The car approaches from the opposite direction, with its headlights blaring. The
car stops about nine feet away from the dumpster. The driver proceeds to get out of the
car. The gunman asks the driver if he had seen the man, running towards his direction.
The driver says no and that he must still be somewhere on this street.
The gunman knows the lawyer is hiding inside the dumpster and decides to play
a game. The gunman announces to his friends, that he wants to play a guessing game. He
asks the driver if he thinks the lawyer is hiding in the dumpster. The driver responds,
“Yeah, I think he’s in there.” The gunman then asks the other man who sarcastically
responds, “Nah, I don’t think so.”
The gunman agrees with the 2nd man’s answer and sadistically announces he is
going to count to 5 before he fires shots into the dumpster. The gunman starts counting