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and before he reaches “3”, the lawyer opens the dumpster’s lid and puts his hands in the
air. The gunman then lowers the gun.
The lawyer asks the gunman what does, he want. The gunman tells the lawyer he
wants him to not represent, the old woman. The lawyer explains to him, this is his job and
he can’t just give it up. The gunman raises the gun and tells the lawyer, that from where
he‘s standing, it would be very easy to make him disappear. The two other men begin
chuckling together.
The gunman asks again that the lawyer abandon his client. Again, he refuses.
The gunman then tells the lawyer that he gave him a fair chance. He aims the gun at the
man’s chest. The rain begins to pour down heavily. Sounds of thunder can be heard.
A distracting noise is heard a few feet from the dumpster. One of the men looks
towards where the sound came and sees a shadowy figure, standing 15 feet away. One of
the men yells to the figure to get lost. The figure slowly begins to walk towards the men.
The gunman yells at the figure, asking if it’s bulletproof. The figure doesn’t respond and
continues its approach.

The gunman then points his gun towards the figure and gives a final warning,
but it keeps on coming. The man fires a single shot and the bullet ricochets off the figure.
The figure stops moving and begins to give a low growl. The other men become startled
and tell the gunman to fire another shot. The gunman fires off two more rounds but the
bullets bounce off the figure.
The lawyer ducks down into the garbage dumpster and the lid falls down,
closing shut. The figure begins to walk faster towards the men and the gunman continues
to fire. The two men begin to slowly walk backwards to the parked car while the
shadowy figure confronts the gunman face to face.
Lightning lights up the side street and the figure is revealed to be a 7 foot tall,
Lizard creature. The gunman turns to run towards the car, but the Lizard grabs him and
throws him into the air. The gunman lands on the car’s windshield. The two men then
get into the car and the driver fumbles with the car keys.
Suddenly, a loud thud is heard, followed by the car’s roof caving in. The men
panic inside the car. One of the men exits the car and tries to escape. With a swipe of the
creature’s tail, the man is sent flying into a wall. The lawyer slowly lifts up the dumpster
lid to see what is happening. He witnesses the Lizard creature reaching into the car,
trying to pull out the driver.
The driver finally finds the right key and starts up the car, but the Lizard
succeeds in pulling him out. The Lizard throws the driver into the air and he lands on the
dumpster. The creature, while standing on the car’s roof, gives a loud bellow as the
pouring rain and lightning illuminates its body.