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Opening Credits.

Peter is in his apartment. He wakes up and glances over at his alarm clock. He
realizes he overslept and jumps up from his bed, then rushes into the shower.
Peter gets dressed and grabs for his knapsack. He looks over at his alarm clock
and realizes he’ll be late for his first class.

Through narration and visual recaps, Peter talks of what’s been
happening over the past few months. He mentions he is now, the official
photographer for the Daily Bugle. He’s able to pay his rent on time. His relationship
with Mary Jane has formed back into a friendship. Mary Jane is off doing a photo
shoot for a few clothing catalogs. Aunt May is occupying herself by working at a
soup kitchen, somewhere in the city.
He mentions he has also taken a new found interest in electronics. Peter is
inside his apartment and sitting on his bed with his G.P.S. in hand. There are a
couple of “How-To” electronic books lying next to him. Near to the bed is a small
collapsible table. On the table is a soldering kit, small chip boards, mini transmitters
and tiny batteries.
Peter decides to test out his newly tooled G.P.S. locator. On the small table
are a few various shaped mini transmitters. Some have small magnets attached to
them, some with a sticky gum-like substance and a few with Velcro. Peter picks up a
transmitter and walks over to his apartment window. With the G.P.S. and
transmitter in hand, Peter steps out onto his terrace.
Down below is a hotdog vendor servicing a customer. Peter looks out into
the street and sees a stopped car. He readies the transmitter and attempts to throw
it onto the car’s rooftop. As the transmitter flies from Peter’s hand, it gets knocked
of course by a gust of wind.
The wind caries the transmitter, through the air and it lands below, onto
the customer’s hotdog. Neither the vendor nor the customer notices what has just
happened and the man proceeds to pay for his purchase. The man begins to reach
deeply into his pockets to find his money.
As the man fumbles, Peter accurately shoots a stream of web, landing
directly on the tracer. He looks relieved and whips the web back to himself. The