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man finally finds the money and pays the vendor. The man then takes a bite into an
empty bun. The man looks on the ground, then up in the air and asks the vendor
where did his hotdog go? The vendor just shrugs his shoulders.
Peter is sitting on his terrace with a surprised look on his face. He is
holding the hotdog in his hand, with the transmitter still attached to it. Peter
removes the transmitter from the hotdog. Gives a shrug with his shoulders and
proceeds to take a bite out of the hot dog.

Peter puts on his costume, grabs his knapsack and exits through his apartment
window. Spidey swings through the air on his way to the University. After reaching the
University’s campus, Spidey swings to the rooftop of one of its highest buildings. He
changes into his civilian clothes. Peter discreetly lowers himself down the side of the
building, via a slender web stream.
After reaching the ground and unseen by anyone, Peter walks across the
University’s campus. From a distance, he sees Gwen standing around, conversing with
two female friends. Gwen looks to be in a cheerful mood, so Peter decides to walk over
to her. As he approaches, Gwen’s cheerful expression begins to change.
She doesn’t look happy to see him. Peter greets her with a humble, “Hi.” and
then asks if he could talk to her. Gwen ignores him, but Peter humbly asks her please.
She reluctantly, tells her friends she will talk with them later. Gwen tells Peter,
“Okay…talk!” Unsure of what to say, Peter tries to explain what happened the night of
their date.
Peter sincerely says, “Gwen….that night, all the dancing and performing. The
person you saw, that wasn’t the real me.” Gwen quickly replies, “What do you mean that
wasn’t the REAL you?! I mean, you were there, right???” Peter expresses, “No…no. I
mean…I wasn’t being the REAL me. It’s…it’s complicated.” Gwen responds, “Yeah, I
Peter says, “Listen. I acted like a jerk. Taking you to that club, knowing that Mary
Jane was there, was childish and stupid. I made a mistake and I can’t take it back and I’m
sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you…and if you hate m-.” Gwen interrupts him, “I don’t hate
you. It’s just that...it hurt.” she says softly.
Peter replies, “I know… and I’m sorry. I wish I could just start over, but I can’t.
So I’m just asking…for your forgiveness. I just want us to be friends again.” She pauses
for about five seconds, then slightly smiles and forgives him. Peter smiles with a look of
relief on his face. An awkward moment of silence occurs for a few seconds.