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Getting around Bangkok



Quickest and most convenient
way to get around town and
access to the Central Business
District and major shopping
malls. Runs eastbound and

Another great option to whisk
you in and out of the city with
major stops including a
weekend market and nightlife.
Runs northbound and
southbound .

Get chauffeured around in one
of the most colorful taxis in the
world. Relatively cheap and
can get you from point A to
point B quickly (depending on

 Type and Price
One-way ticket: Starting
from 16 THB to 59 THB
One-Day ticket: 140 THB
30-Day Pass: Starting from
465 THB to 1,300 THB

 Type and Price
One-way ticket: Starting
from 16 THB to 42 THB
30-Day Pass: Starting from
450 THB to 1,250 THB

 Price
Depending on the distance
and traffic.

 Hours of Operation:
6.00 AM - 12.00 AM

 Tips:
Always request to turn on
the meter.

 Hours of Operation:
5.30 AM - 12.00 AM
 Connections with MRT:
Saladaeng and Asoke
 MAP (See Appendix)


 Connections with MRT:
Silom and Sukhumvit stations
 MAP(See Appendix)

Public bus

Ride-sharing services have
become ubiquitous around
cities and Bangkok city is no
exception. “Grab” your
smartphone and “Uber” away
to your destination.

Get a front seat to observe the
real Bangkok with the locals. If
you want to experience a day
in a life of a Bangkokian, taking
a public bus can be a great

 PriceDepending on the
distance and traffic.

 PriceStarting from 7 THB to
30 THB

 Tips:
 Tips:Fare is collected by the
Chat with the driver to learn
bus conductor.Prepare a
more about Bangkok
small change.

• More options
with Taxi, Bike,
and regular car.
• Promo code
shared regularly.
• Accepts cash

• Convenient if
you already
have an Uber
• Only regular
cars available

 Hours of Operation: 24 hours

 Tuk tuk
Good for short distance
and a quick thrill. Prices
depend on how good your
negotiation skills are.
 Boats
Explore the Venice of the
East by boats to discover
the hidden gems and
temples along the
Chaopraya river. Prices
range from 9 THB to 32 THB.
Connection with BTS at
Saphan Taksin stop.
 Motorbike
Zig Zagging your way
through Bangkok traffic to
get to your next
appointment on time. Prices
vary based on distance
and traffic.

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