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The Year Santa Almost Canceled Christmas
Page 1

Twas the week
before Christmas
Eve, up at the
pole, and last
minute preparations were under way, the
elves were polishing the sleigh

till it gleamed.
The toys were
separated onto piles for
boys and girls
of different ages, it was
quite a task, in the huge work
shop finishing touches were being put onto others.

Santa was sitting by a roaring fire in the fireplace

going over his
long, long list.

Mrs. Claus noticed his eyelids drooping, as he was
getting sleepy due
to the many long
hours he worked in
the past eleven
Overseeing the
elves at work,
and making sure
not one single toy
was left unfinished.

Mrs. Claus had just made each of them a steaming
cup of hot chocolate,

Just the way Santa liked it with; tiny marsh mellows
floating on top.
She carried a cup to him along with a plate
of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, she knew he loved.

Mrs. Claus walked in

and placed the
cookies and hot chocolate, on the table between their
comfy chairs, and leaning over gave Santa a kiss bringing
him awake.

I’ve brought us a nice
treat,” she said, “I
see” replied Santa as he reached for his hot chocolate and took a sip,
“ah!, just what I needed, my dear.” They enjoyed their hot
chocolate, and of course Santa dug into the cookies with
gusto! He teased Mrs. Claus, that he was keeping in
practice for Christmas Eve, when he would enjoy cookies,
around the world.
Page 2

Their peaceful evening was suddenly interrupted,
when at first tiny fist’s pounded on their door, followed by
the doorbell, which played the tune Santa Claus is coming
to town
Mrs. Claus got up saying, “I’ll get it dear, you stay put”
as she opened the large, heavy wooden door, the elves
rushed in.

They hurried over to stand in front of Santa and all
started talking at once, Santa held up his hand saying
“whoa!, boys slow down,” then he pointed to the eldest of
the bunch, Elmer, “now Elmer supposed, you tell me what
all this is about?
Santa it saddens me to tell you this but it seems the

have come down with
“Reindeer Flu” over half
of them
are sick and I suspect the rest will be shortly.
Mrs. Claus gasped, and Santa hung his head shaking
it from side to side, as he looked up he had tears in his

“no, no, this can not be” Santa said. Elmer told Santa,
“we have a doctor tending to them, but he said they will
not fly this Christmas, they may be better, but still to weak
to fly.
Elmer coughed a bit, then clearing his throat he said,
“Santa, tomorrow I will be calling a meeting of all the
elves, to see if we can come up with ideas, and I will
report back to you as soon as we have a good one.”
Santa said, “Alright Elmer, let them all know I am
counting on them,” “will do boss” as he back away,
motioning the others to follow, and they quietly let

themselves out.
Page 3

Santa and his wife, spent a
long time talking
that evening, she saw that
he was very upset, over
latest news, he had never
in all his hundreds of years
the job, disappointed the children of the world. He had a
few scares along the way, but things always worked out,
this time he was not so sure.
She made another cup of hot chocolate for him, and
let it work its magic, when she saw him dozing in his chair.

winters nap, but they were never really long for Santa, he
was an early riser, always so much to be done.
Bright and early the next morning, Elmer called the
meeting to order in the grand hall,

next to the work shop. He told them all, of the very
serious problem they now had, and how they could not let
Santa down or, he may have to cancel Christmas, he
heard a groan rise up from the elves.
And so girls and boys which, is what Santa called them
because of their tiny size, we need to come up with ideas
and fast! One spoke up and said, “I’ll get the word out to
the penguins, they are very good at spreading news
across the North Pole. “That is a very good idea”, said
Elmer, “get on that right away” and the elf left, the hall to
do his part.
Others had ideas but so far, he did not see any of
them being of great help, so he said keep thinking, and
report to me, and then he ended the meeting.
Page 4
Later that day,

three penguins showed
up, at the work shop looking for Elmer, and they were sent
right to him. They told him that while they were spreading
the terrible news about the reindeer being sick, they also
talked about the possibility of the penguins pulling the
sleigh. But it was decided that it simply would not work, as
they were too small and not strong enough for the task.

Elmer thanked them for
Santa and also the elf colony
and he agreed it simply would not work, but he felt a
solution would be found.
Elmer then went to report to
Santa, that while a
solution was not at hand,
they were all working on it
wishing for a miracle at the same time.
When he arrived at Santa’s he noticed how sad he
was, and he said he had been to visit the reindeer down at
the reindeer barn, and it was so sad that so many were

I hate to see you
so sad,” said
Elmer, “Well this
very well be the
first Christmas

without toys for all the
children around the world.
“No Santa, we will not let that happen, there has got
to be an answer, it simply has not come to us, but it will.”
Page 5
“Do you think we should go ahead with the grand
Snow Ball celebration we have on the 23rd. the night before
you make your rounds on Christmas Eve.”
“Well I know the elf colony looks forward to it every
year, but will there be anything to celebrate this year?
“Yes Santa, keep the faith, we’ll get through this
crisis, just like we did all the others “alright then Elmer, the
ball goes on as usual.”
The plans were well under way; the elves were busy
preparing for the annual
“Snow Ball” where they
had a great feast and merry
making celebration before
Christmas Eve. It was
Santa’s chance to thank all
his elves for all their hard work, once again in making all the
toys, getting the sleigh ready, and the reindeer fed and
ready to go however this year they were all uncertain, how
the sleigh was going to fly.
The entire elf colony would attend the ball, the
Clauses included of course and they were really knocking
themselves out just in case a plan did not come up and
Santa was still in a funk, they had to cheer him up if it was
the last thing they did.

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