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Q turned A
Author's notes
The text below is Q's writings that were copied verbatim and then painstakingly inverted
and reduced for the ease of consumption. Adding answers or summarizing text was done
at a bare minimum and only when required and absolutely factually veri iable, with an
emphasis placed on brevity and retaining the core message. Acronyms were also written
longhand and position titles added where it was deemed appropriate.
The writings from October 29 and 30 have been categorized and restructured. The
author's takeaway is these posts are a concise summary, while October 31 and beyond
focus on the details of this text.

October 29 and 30
Open your eyes. Through the looking glass.
They rely on the MSM to keep the narrative going, but technology is entrenching on
their controls. They missed this in 2016 and are desperately attempting to censor it
now due to CIA cash infusions. This will fail.

POTUS must go around the 3 letter agencies. He is surrounding himself with generals
and military intelligence. The Supreme Court allows for the use of Military Intelligence
against Congressional assembled and approved agencies. POTUS has the ultimate
authority over our branches of military without approval conditions (unless 90+ days
in wartime conditions) to defend threats, both foreign and domestic.
Military Intellingence/State Secrets can be used against any three letter agency. A
Supreme Court decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate the
National Guard. The US Military will conduct the operation while the National Guard is
activated. Proof check: Locate a National Guard member and ask if activated for duty
October 30 across most major cities. Expect massive riots organized in de iance and
others leeing the US to occur.
POTUS won't go on TV to address nation and he must isolate himself to prevent
negative optics. He can't address the nation as people begin to be indicted and must
appear neutral. POTUS knew that removing criminal rogue elements was a irst step
and essential to freedom to pass legislation. Someone has access to everything