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Chem-Dry 2017 November Newsletter

Director’s Message - Continued...
5 Around
Knock on at least 5 surrounding neighbours homes of the home you
just cleaned and introduce yourself as the local Chem-Dry
Franchisee. Do more if you have more time. Explain you have just
cleaned their neighbour's home and they are delighted. Ask if they
would like a quote. If they are not home, leave a door hanger
explaining the same.

Set Goals
Start with the big ones and work backwards:

Offer every Chem-Dry service that is possible, especially Tile &
Grout. Add PURT, mould remediation etc. Also make sure to have a
full toolbox of chemicals and knowledge to take care of any service
a client may request. Make sure your equipment is in good shape
and as soon as possible, upgrade to the latest PowerBase and
PowerHead to deliver the best clean possible. Offering these extra
services not only increase your chance of obtaining more work but
allows you to market your business with less expense online, as you
can advertise with adwords outside of the competitive carpet &
upholstery space. Tile & Grout can be offered for free on every job
when you are there for another service and job averages are much


How much revenue do I want?
What is my job average and how many jobs will I need to
How many calls will I need to receive based on my conversion
How much will I need to spend on marketing and in which
category based on my current return on investment?
How many repeats and referrals can I rely on? This will change
over time and the ad dollars should drop.

There are other things we could add to the above Formula but this is
the core basics. I would like to challenge each of you to set your
goals based on the above and rate yourself for each of The Formula
sections from 1-10. Lachlan, Chris & I are going to be using The
Formula as our standard benchmark for any franchisee we are
If you are not currently being coached and would like help
implementing The Formula into your business, please contact Chris
Chaplin in our office to set it up.

Customer Satisfaction
Regardless of what Chem-Dry equipment you have, make sure you
delight your clients. You want them to call you back and tell their
friends and family. Be positive, friendly and professional at all times.

~ Loren Mitchell

The benefits of Mentors
Develop a system to have your clients repeat. Usually, mail, texting
and calling are sufficient about 12 months after their last job.

'A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could
because someone else thought they could.' - Zig Zigler

Offer and apply a consistent referral program. One I like is to give
the client 10-20 cards with their name written on each. Ask them to
hand to their friends and family and each time one is handed back
to you, their friend will get 10% off and they will get a 15% credit on
their next clean for handing out the card. If they have multiple cards
redeemed, they will all be honoured on the next clean.

Running your business can be at times very intimidating. I respect
every one of our franchisees that have taken their future into their
own hands and embraced entrepreneurship. In any business, at
times you will be faced with tough decisions where you may not feel
you have the experience to make the right choice. Sometimes, we
may even be confident in the answer but we just need someone
experienced to listen to us and agree with that choice. This is where
a mentor can be invaluable to your business. A mentor is an
experienced individual, (not necessarily in our industry) who utilizes
their knowledge, connections and resources to help guide you
through the obstacles of entrepreneurship.

Job Average
This should be $180-$220. If it is not, we can help.
Job Minimum
This should be at least $120-$140. If it is not, we can help.

Here are 6 reasons a Mentor can help you.

Call Conversion Rate
This should be 60-70%. If it is not, we can help.

1. Gain experience without having to do the time needed to
gain experience.

This should be done at the point of contact on the phone and then
onsite. Picking the services to sell at what point is essential. We can
help you if this is not working well or non-existent right now.

Experience takes times. Your mentor will already have the experience that you do not. They can share with you what they have learnt,
what has worked and what has not worked. You can avoid wasting
time on things that your mentor has already tried and focus on
things that have succeeded and can be mirrored.

Online Scheduling and Accounting
We recommend using This is an essential and
inexpensive tool. Every franchisee should have a monthly P&L which
ServiceM8 can do of course but it can help with so much more.
There really is no reason why any franchisee should still be using
paper invoices and review the P&L only annually with the

2. A new perspective
Sometimes we are so deep in the trenches of running our business
that we are unable to step back and see what is needed and what
course to take. A mentor comes in with a fresh view and a new