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About Singapore
Situated at the south of Malay Peninsula, shrouded by tropical
sunshine, Singapore has been described as “Asian Economic
Miracle”, a thriving cosmopolitan city brimming with racial
diversity as well as a fine mixture of culture, language, arts, and
Singapore rose to prominence largely due to her strategic
position as a trading port, a stable government and its probusiness policies and institutions, which is of paramount
importance for Multi-National Companies (MNC) to gain
confidence to invest in. Through the years after independence,
the nation has developed its economic prowess and gains much
respect in terms of international standing.
Educational quality and a diverse culture has always been
Singapore’s pride. Singapore witnessed clashes and integrations
of various cultures and has since cultivated a unique cultural
meting pot. While continuing to act as the regional center,
embracing the diversity while maintaining her uniqueness,
Singapore is building the reputation as a home for all.