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Firearms & Heavy Weapons
Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher By Ammo

– [4] 5-50/100/150/500
Ammo Usage: 6 (c):
Single Action (1, simple action): – , By Ammo Damage
Recoil Compensation: 18 (Double Uncompensated Recoil)
Modifications: Smartgun System, Internal

Vehicle Modifications
Amenities, High
Armor, Standard (6)
Drone Rack, Standard, Mini
Drone Rack, Standard, Mini
Drone Rack, Standard, Mini
Drone Rack, Standard, Mini
Electrochromatic Coating
Gridlink Override
Handling Enhancement (1)
Increased Seating
Morphing license plate
Ram Plate
Rigger Cocoon
Rigger Interface
Run Flat Tires
Smoke Projector
Smuggling compartment (dwarf, human, elf, or ork)
Special Armor Modification (Fire Resistance) (18)
Special Armor Modification (Non-Conductivity) (18)
Special Armor Modification (Universal Mirror Material) (4)

Speed enhancement (1)
Spoof chip
Valkyrie Module
Weapon Mount, Standard (Flexible, Internal, Remote)
Modifications: Ammo Bin, Flexible Flexibility, Internal Visibility

Winch, Enhanced

Gear (Cash: 1,000¥)
Dropped to Ground

Linguistics: English (local language)
Linguistics: Japanese (Manufacturer's Language)

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